Confidence in red.


Here is my newest set from the Freya fancies collection. Wearing bright colours is something I’ve never been too confident with, even underwear! As you can see I am quite pale and I have always worried about looking washed out in anything other than black. Freya was one of the first lingerie brands that I ever came across growing up as they always had the pretty option for the 14 year old with F cup boobs!

Recently I’ve been learning to ignore the so called fashion “rules” and I’m deciding to wear what I love, not what I’m led to believe suits my shape or skin tone. I’m learning to find my own style.

This Freya Fancies set is in chilli red and I wear a 32G plunge bra with size 14 hipster shorts. It has so much lace detailing which is fabulous and the shorts are almost 100% lace. The best bit about the set is the incredible stretch, it is so comfy but also the shorts make my bum look super peachy which I love!


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 One of my favourite things about this set which is rarely seen in bigger boobed bras, is the luxury of thinner straps. There is an open panel back which consists of only one single hook vertically but still with the option to tighten over time and wear with 2 more hooks horizontally. I understand that although I love this, this feature may not be everyones cup of tea due to worry about support and fit. However I can confirm that the support on the bra is pretty much perfect and true to size, I am a lover of a sheer bra with no padding because I think they’re just soo comfy. I feel amazing when I put this set on!


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Although I was the lucky winner of a social media competition and this set was part of the prize, my review is completely unbiased and is of 100% my own opinion. If you would like to purchase this set I highly recommend shopping at Since I’ve found their site I’ve fallen in love with their amazing offers and super speedy delivery! You can also purchase directly from Freya or other stockists.

This set is perfect for day to day, under my usual jeans and t-shirt mum style, it gives me the sassy and confident feeling that I think everyone needs to start their day!

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