My love for Scantilly – Tattoo Lace Fixate.



Since I have discovered Dear Scantilly and their collections I have been totally obsessed. They are a division of CurvyKate that specialise in sexy underwear from a DD cup to a HH cup. They have such a wide range of sizing to suit all your bigger busted needs. They are also one of few body positive companies that are keen to break the mould through their advertising.  Their campaign ‘The New Sexy’  features a diverse group of women looking fierce and slaying in Scantilly underwear regardless of age, size, race or ability. Showing that every woman is sexy just as they are!


This particular set I had my eye on for a while, before bagging it in the sale. I fell in love with the detailing on the briefs and thought they were the most daring set of pants I had ever laid eyes on! Feeling sexy in my own skin hasn’t EVER come easy to me, especially after having my son. The worry of my mum tum, saggy skin and stretch marks mean that I’ve always been so cautious over what I choose to wear underneath. However, as part of my body positive journey I am trying to learn to embrace what I have and love the journey my body has been through, tiger stripes and all! In these briefs I wear a medium (I’m a size 12/14) and they are an almost perfect fit. I love how the lace detailing adds another layer to excite and the cut out detailing at the back gives for a cheeky surprise!


I wear the bra in a 32G and like all other Curvykate and Scantilly bras I find they are 100% true to size and a perfect fit. I love how even though this set is a sheer cup it has an almost padded appearance because of all the lace detailing and intricate pattern. This set literally sends my confidence through the roof, it hugs all my curves in all the right places and makes me feel amazing. The thing I love most about not only this particular set, but just Scantilly overall, is that every set looks so different on every body shape but still looks so damn sexy! Scantilly have already proven that The New Sexy isn’t just a one off campaign, its a break in the mould and the fashion industry.


So here’s my take on The New Sexy. Love the skin you’re in and embrace all your perfectly imperfect flaws, they make you who you are, and boy is that something to celebrate! Well done Curvykate and DearScantilly!





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