This mum runs.


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First thing’s first. I am no athlete, running long distance is one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever done. A lot of people have been asking me how much weight I’ve lost since I’ve started running and the truth is… none. If anything, I’ve put on weight! And that’s the bit I find hard. Why is weight loss such a massive achievement? Why is it so hard to move the focus from weight loss when talking about any exercise?

I run for me. I run to be stronger mentally as well as physically. I run for the “I did this”. I run to raise money for a charity close to my heart. But 100% not for weight loss and not for anyone else.

Since I’ve started running I’ve gone from jogging/ walking 1 mile, to running nearly 10k without stopping at a pretty reasonable pace. Finding my pace and just going with it has been amazing. I know that I’ve become so much stronger, my thighs have gained more lightning strikes and feel fuller, I don’t feel so out of breath so quickly and I push past those mental barriers that used to stop me.

I have always struggled with self confidence when I’ve taken part in any physical activity and that comes from a young age. The constant jokes about knocking myself out or giving myself black eyes when I run has always stuck with me. Just because I have a larger chest does not mean I can’t run and I feel so silly that it put me off for so many years. But not now.


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Finding Shock Absorber UK and their amazing support for bustier ladies has made my running journey that little bit more comfortable. Feeling fully supported while I look a sweaty mess is so important, I wear one of their black sports bras in a 34G and currently on the middle hook across as I’m aware I need to go down a back size. As I’ve learnt over the past 5 months, when running you need the right gear. Running in shorts with my voluptuous thunder thighs left me with uncomfortable chafing which makes the whole experience less fun! So I’ve now opted for a run Karrimor sports leggings and top. I feel so supported in both which means I can really focus on my running and not feel conscious about what’s wobbling around!

I also never realised how important the right trainers were until a few weeks ago when I ran 5 miles and ended up with the biggest blisters on my feet, that left me in pain for days! I have now invested in a pair of Nike running trainers in the hope that they will help my poor feet recover!

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I am currently training for The Bristol 10k which is part of The Great Run series and like I’ve said previously its the hardest thing I’ve ever done! If I wasn’t doing it for charity I have no doubt I would have given up by now! Although having said that, social media has been a massive motivator for me and following pages such as Thisgirlcan and ChicksGetFitDone has been so helpful! When you move the focus from weight loss to strength it is incredible how amazing you can feel! Seeing strong women uplifting other women and focusing on how much they’ve achieved rather than how many pounds they’ve lost is truly breathtaking. The fitness world is changing and seeing companies like Nike and Layne Byrat doing fuller figured, plus size campaigns in sports wear is so great!

I know running isn’ t for everyone but for me there’ s no better feeling than running 5 miles, getting home to a cuppa and a cake and being able to say I did that!

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The charity I am raising money for is The Cystic Fibrosis trust and if you would like to support me please donate on the link below. Or if you cant please just take the time to read about Cystic Fibrosis, awareness is as important.



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