My journey to body confidence.

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Around a year ago I received the biggest surprise in my inbox. I had made it to the live auditions of Curvy Kates ’ star in a bra contest and I could not believe it. When I first saw the competition advertised all I could think was how I ’d love to enter but I didn ’t have the confidence, I mean I  was a mum not a model! The competition was to find the new face of Curvy Kate and to win a modelling contract with Bridge models, and all that I could think was how amazing and life changing that would be! Though my self doubt kept creeping in, I was given the final push to enter by some super inspirational ladies online and thought if they can do it I guess I could too! So I plucked up the courage and took a few cheeky snaps of me in my swimwear and sneakily sent them off.

After receiving the email to say that I ’d made it through to the live auditions in London I couldn ’t contain my excitement to start with, but then the nerves kicked in. I hadn ’t told anyone at all that I had entered, not even my now husband! I was so worried what everyone would think. Whether I ’d be setting myself up to fail or would they think I was a joke? I was NOT and am still NOT typical model material! After I told everyone my news it was then that I got my first little spark of confidence – out of so many that entered I was one of the ladies that had made it through and that I had as good of chance as any one!

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Going up to London was so nerve racking. I had already chatted to a few of the other gorgeous ladies that would be there over social media so I felt a little more relaxed as we were all in the same boat. When I arrived at Sun Studio, the first thing I remember was being met by the lovely Curvy Kate PR ladies Hannah and Chantelle who were equally gorgeous inside and out. The studio was lit and there were ladies in hair and make up, other ladies just chilling in the stunning Curvy Kate undies and I felt so overwhelmed. How was I going to build up the confidence to get down to my pants in front of the Curvy Kate team and so many other stunning women if I could only just do it at home with a camera phone? I was just plain old me with my mum tum and wobbly boobs!


After getting my hair and make up done I felt so out of my comfort zone, I was used to changing nappies and doing other mumsy things. I just wasn ’t used to being glammed up at all! Then it was my turn, I was given the prettiest little nude set and shirt and was put in front of the camera. The photographer Gavin was so lovely and made me feel a million dollars but when I saw the first lot of photos it just wasn ’t me. I felt like such a fish out of water and all I could think was how stunning all the other girls were compared to me!

Hannah then pulled me aside and I explained it was too much, I just wasn ’t confident enough to be there and that ’s when she told me some home truths. We all have issues with our bodies that no body else can see and we are all stunning in our own ways, and that was what Curvy Kate is all about. Celebrating diversity. That was when it hit me, why was I so obsessed with comparing myself? Why can ’t I see just how amazing I looked as I was? Just as me? We then went and had my make up re-done and my hair spritzed and I felt amazing. I got back in front of that camera and had one of the most incredible days.


I may not have made it to the top 10 but for me that competition was so much more. I met the most inspirational women. I found my body confidence. I started to not care about dieting and I started to become body positive. Since that day I have taken opportunities that I could never have dreamed of and have had the confidence to start my own blog. Curvy Kate is a company that I love and fully support, they sell the most stunning underwear and swimwear and I love all that the company stands for. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in the skin they ’re in. So look out ladies I know this year the Star in a Bra comp is coming to the USA so keep your eyes peeled. If I could go for it then so can you!

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