How this mum became ‘bikini body’ ready.

The summer holiday. The excitement for sun, sea, and a week off work! Then comes the dreaded after thought, am I bikini body ready? Well that ‘s what it used to be anyway! I remember going to Greece when I was 18 and in preperation I did numerous exercise DVD’s, and me and my friend were trying so hard to diet, to get ‘beach body ready’. All to spend the week not actually taking my top off on the beach and worrying about what I would look like if I did only wear a bikini? I look back and all I can think is how far I’ve come.


FullSizeRender (13)


My preperation for this years holiday was quite the opposite. The weeks leading up all I could worry about was if I had enough bikinis! I had a little splurge on and multiple primark shops and that was it. Bikini prep done – as well as a cheeky all over shave!

Then the mental preperation. Looking in the mirror and trying on those bikinis and swim suits was so empowering, I couldn’t wait to hit the beach and show off all the stunning sets I’d treated myself to. No punishing my body, no feeling guilty for eating spag bol, just being happy. It was unreal, feeling 100% happy in my own skin.

Everyday I had a different one on, even a couple a day sometimes! My favourite out of them all had to be the CurvyKate galaxy bikini with high waisted briefs. I love the cross over halterneck, which is also removable to avoid dodgy tan lines. The amount of support this bikini had was incredible (just like their luxe bra) which I rave about! It meant no pull on my neck and no pain, meaning it was an all day winner for me. Also with the gorgeous pattern and details meant that I felt a million dollars. The hat I paired up with this bikini is from Joanie clothing and when I saw it online I knew it was a holiday must have!













Coming in as my second favourite had to be the primark watermelon swimsuit paired with my watermelon sliders. I may have looked like the crazy watermelon lady but I didn’t care, I felt so cool it was so worth it. I sized down for this one to hold my ‘melons’ in place.


Processed with MOLDIV




I wore my CurvyKate jetty flamingo almost every day! It was perfect for holding me in place whilst I swam in the sea and went snorkelling and I felt super cute in it. Who doesn’t love a pink bikini? And when I saw how lush this bikini was in berry I couldn’t resist, so I bought both!



















My last bargain buy for holidays was my bright blue costume also from my favourite bargain shop – Primark of course! This literally hugged every curve whilst holding everything in place, I was so worried that because it was backless it would have less support but actually it was perfect, so comfy and made me feel so confident. Learning to wear bright colours and patterns and ignore all the fashion rules has been so refreshing! So come on ladies wheather on a budget or looking for a bit more support this summer let’s all get that bikini, put it on and celebrate that all bodies are beach body ready and all bodies are beautiful!




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