The Soggy Sport’s Day.

I think the title says it all, but I just think sometimes if you don’t laugh you’ll cry (or have a gin!). Saturday was Parkers first sports day, he’s only two and for some bizarre reason I thought it would be a great day! Full of sunshine, everyone racing nicely and then ice creams to finish. Funny enough it wasn’t like that at all.

As I looked outside Saturday morning all I could see was rain and more rain. The most typical British summer day, my husband thought the nursery might cancel it if it was raining so we were all sectretly hoping for that phone call, but it never came.

So we arrived at the nursery meadow and it was dry, there was hope. Until the terrible two’s hit us in full force. My child screaming that he wanted to go home, other children crying that they didn’t want to race and the madness as the first few races took off! And then the rain hit. Parker finally decided he wanted to take part in the egg and spoon race and then the heavens opened, but it was okay ’cause this mum was prepared. Or so she thought, until everyone had their coats on except me. This mum had left her coat in the car about 10 minute walk away. This mum was a top class idiot.

Thank the lord there was a marquee, we all squeezed under it and waited for it to stop pissing it down. With husband soaked through and the child still stropping we decided the only saviour for this day was an ice cream. It was safe to say we weren’t brave enough to stay for the picnic so we headed back to mother in laws for an indoor picnic and a cuppa instead. If any mums haven’t braved thier first sports day yet, I thoroughly recommend taking wellies, a coat big enough to fit the whole family under and prepare for the maddest few hours of competitive parents and toddler tantrums!



Oh and heres the only nice photo I managed to take, and it looks like my son is taking a dump in the hut!

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