Going pants over potty training.


Processed with MOLDIVAt the start of summer I said my plan was to crack on with the dreaded potty training for Parker. I’ve never had a set time in my head of when I wanted him to be out of nappies, all I knew was that I wanted to take our time and not rush him. We’ve had a potty in the house from when he was about a year old, one of my mother in laws friends gave it to us as she didn’t need it for her little one anymore, so we were prepared.

He’s always known what it’s for and around his second birthday he was wanting to use it all the time. Great, I thought we’ve cracked this, potty training will be a piece of piss. Or so I thought, until Parker fell over at the park in May and fractured his femur. Back to square one for Parker as he couldn’t physically use the potty, even though he so desperately wanted to.

So on to this summer, me asking if he wants to use it, Parker saying yeah! Getting all excited and then nothing. Sitting there for 20 minutes talking about doing a wee wee, singing the wee wee song with clapping, then getting off the potty and saying he doesn’t need one, then the next thing – Piss. Piss all over the floor. Back in the nappy he goes then the asking begins all over again do you need a wee? It’s great fun as you can imagine!

On to google this mum went. Buy pants, get child to wear pants, child loves pants #MUMWIN until child suggests wearing nappies under pants #MUMFAIL. On to google mum goes again, stickers? LOTS of stickers. On a chart? Nope. Child wants to stick stickers on potty. This was going to be harder than we thought.

I’d like to say we’ve cracked it but how smug would that be? We are no where near cracking it! I think the main thing for me is to go at little ones pace. So many people have an opinion or theory they say will work. Boys take longer than girls as they’re lazy someone told me, then someone else said back in the day every child was potty trained by two. By two I thought? Boys lazy? When really all I believe is every child is so individual, it really doesn’t matter whether they’re potty trained at 2, 3 or even older! They all get there eventually!

So now that my child has stopped pissing on the floor and is doing it in a potty or nappy, I’ve started looking at different items you can get to make it easier. I saw a parent the other day carrying a fold away potty that turns into a backpack for out and about. This is genius and what did this mum do? Google. Kiddicare has a portatable potty from Bambino that looks like a bumble bee. That was it, this mum was sold. Also I found a Pirate Pete’s potty training sticker book from Ladybird. This mum was also sold.

So there we have it, my take on potty training! I don’t know how long it will take us but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end, with lots of dinosaur pants, more sticker books and hopefully not too many wees on the floor! Oh and a cheeky gin on a Saturday night to get me through it all!

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