Primark – Nailed it.

When this mum finds a bargain, and a bloody good one at that, she raves about it! So here I am writing about these bargain beauts’ that Primark have started doing. One of the girls at work told me about them when I pointed out how lush her nails were, Primark she said, and only a pound!

So that was it I had to try them. I went to the beauty section and there they were, all ranged from 50p to 2 quid. To start with I picked up just the one pack and bought them to try, I thought well if they fall off or are a bit crap then they’re only a quid after all!

For me the first pack I bought were too long so I cut and filed them down and ended up with these. Nails that were applied in under 10 minutes and still looked pretty decent, these ones lasted just over a week until one fell off and I soaked the rest off with nail polish remover. And have left next to no damage on my real nails underneath. They were pretty and felt so natural to wear.

FullSizeRender (16)

After the success I found with these I had to go back, so for a fiver I purchased 4 new sets of nails and some new nail files. Each pack of nails comes with 24 individuals in all different sizes so you will definitely get the perfect fit. This time I went for more autumnal colours and after giving my nails a few days to get back to normal, and for the excess glue to naturally come off I applied the next set.


Being a mum I find that having super long nails just isn’t possible, so I do choose to cut and file mine down but I know a few of my work girls keep them long and they still last a good week. So there it is for anyone on a budget, anyone who loves a bargain or anyone that just doesn’t have the time to go to a pro these are my new favourite beauty item. Let me know if you give them a go. I’ve definitely been sold on them!




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