Falling into Autumn.

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Autmn, it has to be my favourite season, it’s definitely under-rated so this year I’m fully embracing it. The pumpkin spiced lattes, the chunky knitwear and the sunny yet chilly mornings. The best thing for me though has to be layering up, and that’s why I wanted to share this outfit with you. It’s the comfiest and most ‘me’ style outfit I have put together in a while, and it was a bloody bargain!

Firstly the skirt, it was on sale at my local Newlook for 8 quid! I fell in love with the embroidery and the fabric is wonderful, thick enough to not reveal any knicker lines, but comfy enough to run about in. I picked up this beauty up in a size 16, if there was an 18 I would have definitely sized up as it is a little snug after I’ve layered up with tights and superman pants underneath! Does anyone else do this? Whenever I wear tights I always chuck a second pair of big knickers over the top to stop them riding down, classy I know, but it’s a little trick that works!



Secondly the top, I’m such a fan of a simple black turtle neck. You can just chuck it on with pretty much anything, again size 16 and around the 9 pound mark. The ribbed detailing and its’ knitwear style makes it a cosy one for those chilly mornings.

Lastly I’m sorry but I’m going to mention the ‘c word’. How much do these earrings look like little Christmas baubles! For anyone that knows me you’ll know my love of anything Christmas related. I loved them so much, they cost me as much as the top but I honestly couldn’t care less! They finished this little Autmn wrap up warm outfit perfectly, and I am so excited to wear them over the festive season.



The boots are from last years end of season sale at Newlook, but they’re in such good condition that I’m going to re-use them this year. I find Newlook has such good quality footwear that generally lasts. The scarf is also last year, I have a massive love for scarves and wraps and over the years have collected a few. The only thing I’m missing this Autumn from my wardrobe this year is a good coat, so over the next couple of weeks I’ll be on the hunt for one! For now go check out all the mid-season sales, there’s so many autumnal pieces that are an absolute bargain out there.

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