My must have yellow bag.


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A few posts ago I talked about the ever so fun situation of potty training and how well it was going. Since that post I went out and bought the carry potty that I was so fascinated with, and let me tell you I have no regrets, this little yellow carry case has made our potty training what you could call, a piece of piss!

Parker has been nappy free now in the day, for about 3 weeks with only a few accidents, and I think for our household the carry potty has been key. No more worrying when we go out or long car journeys, it fits perfectly under the pushchair but is lightweight enough for Parker to carry about. It’s just made it so much less daunting for little one, I think a lot of toddlers are scared of the ‘big toilet’.

You turn the dial to open it and it releases the vacuum as it’s super sealed, then you can flip it up and turn it into a mini toilet! If you’re out and about the beauty of it is that you can quickly close it up, it seals completely again and you know there won’t be any smells or any leaks. Then for ease just empty and clean it where and when it’s convenient!

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It’s been massive in giving Parker the security and independence he needs for when we are out and about, knowing its always with us for him to use. He’s come such a long way since we bought this potty. We still have the odd accident but we are very nearly there. When I find something I love, I just have to share! We found ours at Argos and at the time it was on offer (this mum loves a bargain!), it’s still on there for the not so shabby price of £22.49. My Carry Potty also do a range of colours and different animal patterns icluding ladybirds and bumble bees, so if you were after something a bit more jazzy then check them out. I know a few big retailers such as Mothercare and JoJoMamabebe sell those styles as well.

If you’ve got any questions about The My Carry Potty please feel free to message me or if you try it out, let me know how it goes! I’m certainly no expert in the potty training department but it will be my new favourite accessory for quite some time. Who says yellow isn’t in?

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