Risque in Rougette.

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I’ve wanted to write a blog post about feeling body confident in the bedroom and feeling sexy for a while now, what is to feel sexy? Can you feel sexy just for yourself? Can you still be sexy after having children or are you just a milk machine that is expected to stay at home and cook and clean? Those days are over ladies! And although I have done and still do some of those things and I am firstly a full time mum but, secondly I am a part time barmaid and a blogger for the love of it. And as you all know I’m the biggest lover of undies!

Before I had Parker, and for a while after, I never even thought about treating my bappys! They were just chucked in the same old scraggy old bra and, if I’m totally honest I used to hate my boobs. I used to think they weren’t normal, they’re saggy and they have stretch marks. But now I know that is completely normal, all boobs are completely unique. They are a massive part of me that I should treat, and part of treating is feeling sexy again. Re-gaining the confidence I thought I’d never have.

So today I bring to you Alexa, she’s part of the Rougette family by Tutti Rouge. After speaking to the wonderful team at Tutti Rouge about my idea to write this blog they kindly sent me this beauty. Although I was sent this bra as a gift my opinions are all my own and I will make sure I give my honest feedback.

So when Alexa arrived I opened the parcel and the first thing I saw was sweeties! Now we all love sweets so this was a massive thumbs up straight away, Tutti Rouge send sweets with all their packages and I think this is the most lovely gesture. The next thing I noticed was just how detailed Alexa is, I’d seen photos on social media of this set but the intricacy up close is just lovely and the little hearts as part of the straps is just super cute.


After trying on I realised it was quite baggy on the harness at the top, but this was soon resolved as I realised the harness was adjustable, meaning you can make it tighter or looser on the upper bust depending on how full you are. My boobs are quite bottom heavy which meant that I could put the harness on its tightest to give the look of fullness. Although the straps are quite thin, I think this bra has really good support and holds the girls up perfectly without being too in your face. I went for the bra in a 34G and it’s a perfect fit. In some of my other blogs I have had bras that have been a 32G, but as I know that I have gained some weight lately it was definitely best to size up.

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Then the briefs, I love a highwaist. For me this is perfect, although I have gained so much body confidence I still have bad days and for me these briefs are perfect. The mesh back and panels on the front still give that risque look without baring all and are dead comfy, even on the days where I’m a bit bloated they’ve still got that sexy feel. So perfect for feeling a little naughty under day to day clothing! I also love how the lace detailing on the briefs matches the back of the bra.

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For me Alexa is a winner that will definetly come out on date nights with the hubby or on my bad days to brighten me up. Chuck on a bit of red lippy to match and it’s a keeper. It’s a new favourite and as the Rougette range is so reasonably priced there may be a few on my Christmas list this year… So dare to bare ladies, feel sexy for you! Rougette sizing runs from a 32-42 DD-G and Tutti Rouge from a 28-38 D-HH so they come in a generous size range. They also do a range of braletts in Rougette that are super cute, super cheap (I love a bargain!) and are non-underwired if you were looking for a comfy alternative.

You can find the link to Alexa below, make sure you check out the rest of their range too!

Tutti Rouge – Alexa 




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