New year, new me? No thank you.


I am fully aware of the utter bullshit that the diet industry is about to throw at us. The new year, new you adverts start to fly out. I’m here to tell you, you are worthy just as you are, you do not need to invest into some slimming club to be happy, or pay for a workout DVD that you’ll use to shed the Christmas weight. It’s so frustrating, before Christmas all the adverts are focused on treating yourself and indulging, then the second the New year hits? You’re unhealthy, you need a new diet plan, you need to workout more, buy into our industry. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there, I’ve thought at the start of most years, this is my year this is the year I will lose weight. I’ve spent a fortune on books, DVD’s slimming club membership. And its just a load of crap.

You are bloody damn good enough just as you are.

The diet industry is worth millions and profits from making people doubt their self worth, their value and their body confidence. That’s why it’s so successful. Will losing a stone or two make you happy? Maybe but why? I completely get it if you feel like you want to take on new challenges, run more, start a new hobby, learn more. But if you’re not happy with the way your body looks then ask yourself why? Is it because of society’s unrealistic beauty standards? The one size fits all status when in reality it does not. The constant pressure that is put on us to lose weight, the applauses, the compliments. I have nothing against wanting to change your body as long as it’s for YOU. The part that upsets me most when people do decide to change their bodies, is when they’re negative towards how their body was before.

Your body was good when it was two stone heavier and it’s good now, it always will be. Don’t bash the old you as both bodies are beautiful and both worthy of respect. Towards the end of last year I lost a lot of weight, I started running, I put myself on a calorie restricted diet and I remember crying once over roast potatoes because I didn’t have enough calories left in the day. Over spuds? Everyone should have time for roast spuds. It was at the start of this year that I realised I was slipping back into old habits, old tendencies that I knew weren’t healthy for me, for my mind as well as my body. Although I had found some inspirational body positive and plus size bloggers on social media, and had started my own self love journey I realised that I wasn’t actually practicing what I was preaching. I realised my lifestyle was damaging and this was in fact a massive step back for my mental health. So I stopped.

I filtered through all of my social media and also my life in a way. I’ve always been surrounded by women that diet. Some of them have never stopped and I soon realised that they never would. Losing weight will not guarantee anyone happiness, that’s why the industry is so successful. It’s a vicious loop and the second you stop paying into it, you’re back at square one. Which is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s been an eye-opener. The second I stepped out of the circle and realised. I then went and I unfollowed and unfriended any account or person that made me doubt my own self worth, that made me compare myself to absurd standards. I’ve also tried to walk away from any conversations that make me feel uncomfortable that talk about weigh days and how many ‘syns’ are in what I’m eating. It’s not a sin to eat. It makes me feel so uncomfortable because it’s like everyone assumes if you’re plus size that you’re automatically unhappy and that you want to lose weight? Which really isn’t the case.

The past few weeks I’ve also noticed a lot of big celebrities using the term body positive to sell their books, fitness programmes and even their diet plans. Don’t get me wrong I am all for women supporting women but when they use a term so loosely, that in reality they don’t even fully understand to describe their own diet fuelled profits? It’s a no. The movement stemmed from the fat acceptance movement and was created to be a safe place for people who had been fat shamed and who wanted to spread the message that anyone could be happy in their own skin without any mention of health and could openly express and discuss body politics. It was certainly not created to describe a beach body ready show.

I’m still on my own self love journey and I understand I’m getting there. I don’t need a new diet plan to be happy. All I need to keep doing is being me. As a mum I do try to teach my little one to enjoy the variety in life, he shares the same love of spuds as me. Life is all about trying new things, doing things you love and making memories, we certainly won’t be giving up our coffee and cake dates for the sake of a few pounds.

My New years resolution? I’ve set myself some new goals in the new year, to run again for a charity that means so much to me. To reach out more and to focus on my little blog. To celebrate the little things. Not to doubt my self worth because I’ve put on how ever much over Christmas.

Do you know what I would love? A non profitable organisation that focused on teaching self worth and self love without changing a single part of you. Almost like a confidence class, like girl you got this. New year? Just another day! Wouldn’t that be bloody amazing? So please if you’re finding yourself struggling this January, reach out, there’s always a friend out there. Or take a step back, from social media, from the pressures of the diet industry. Do what ever works for you. Just before Summer 2017 I made myself a promise, not to step on the scales. Not to base my worth on a few numbers that were going up. I still haven’t and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Make 2018 the year for you.

The year you find happiness, in you.


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