Bikini body ready? Always.

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We’re currently counting down the days until we fly to Majorca for our family holiday and I’m too excited! Sun, sea and sangria? What more could this momma want?!?

But same as every year we get bombarded with unwanted last minute ‘bikini body ready’ diet plans and workouts. It’s like suns out, diet industry is out in full force! And as a plus sized woman it can be extremely hard. Every day I hear diet talk of some sort somewhere in my day to day life. Whether it’s through advertising, day to day conversation and even sometimes it’s right in your face. Body shaming, it’s upfront, it’s personal, and I find it very challenging.

I was in our local Greggs the other day, when a mother turned to her daughter, she couldn’t have been any older than ten, and when the daughter asked for a sausage roll the mother replied you’ve put on too much weight lately, you can have a water. I wanted to cry. I felt so much for this little girl. Many a time I’ve been on the receiving end of these negative comments, I felt even worse afterwards for not stepping in. I felt disgusted that I just stood there.

I realised. It’s all around us. And we need to get past it. Something needs to change. Last year when I went on holiday I was confident, I embraced my bikini body I loved every second of it! Since then I’ve gained a bit of weight, well a lot actually, I’ve gone up a couple of dress sizes and my body has changed. And that’s okay as I’ve said many a time before bodies change all the time!

So this year as a now size 18 woman I had to buy new swimwear – what a shame! I’ve loved looking through my favourite sites, checking out my favourite plus size blogger babes rocking their two pieces, hunting for inspiration, reading so many reviews, and if I’m honest I can’t wait to get it all out on holiday now!

Body confidence however doesn’t happen overnight. People ask me how I’m so confident, how do you learn to love your body without changing a thing. It’s all about your mind, how your relationship with your body works. Do you talk and look at your body like it’s your best friend or your enemy? Do you surround yourself with positive influences that you can relate to? Do you think well if they can do it I can? It’s all about believing in your self and knowing your own worth. Self love is a journey that I’ve learnt probably will never end. We all have bad days, it’s just how you turn them around that matters.

As a white, able bodied woman I understand my privilege. I also understand that being fat is not the worst thing in the world. Being fat is nobody else’s concern. All bodies are different, mine just enjoys the food in life too much. And that’s me being honest, I love food, I love experimenting, I love cooking. And I am so so lucky that my body allows me to cook, allows me to travel, to try new things. My health is nobody else’s business.

I posted on social media earlier, how to get a bikini body? Slap on the sun lotion and put a bikini on! And it’s true that’s all you need to do. But I’ve been there, when your confidence is low, when you’re scared to show off the back rolls, the cellulite, the stretch marks, the bingo wings and when you’re scared to laugh in front of a camera in case my goodness, forbid your double chin makes an appearance. It’s hard. Loving yourself is hard.

Self love is the greatest love, but it’s also okay to not love yourself 100%. It’s okay if you still want to wear a swimsuit rather than a bikini. But I just want you all to know that EVERY body is a bikini body. The only thing that needs to change is your mind set. After all every body is beautiful. And every body, no matter what size, shape, race, gender, sexuality or ability is bikini body ready.

Bikini worn in photos is from my favourites at, the set is the Curvy Kate
Jetty in Navy. It’s currently in the sale too if you wanted to take a peek through I’ve linked it below.

CurvyKate Jetty Navy from Brastop.


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  1. Thank you, thank you Lauren! I’m also a couple sizes bigger than last year. I used to hide out till I’d lost a fair amount of weight! Yo yo I am . But this year, I’m wearing short shorts and shock – sleeveless tops . I love following you on instagram you are a beautiful inspiration darling xx Lou


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