Feeling Fruity in Swimsuits For All.

So we’re here! In Majorca, in the sunshine, it’s currently 27 degrees and glorious sunshine, and the gins are well and truly flowing for this mum. The all inclusive life is definitely the good life! And today’s bikini of the day is the Swimsuits for all Gabi Fresh, pineapple high waisted bikini.

When I saw this bikini I was in love, but with a bit of a cheeky price on it I wasn’t sold until a 30% discount came my way. It was all in dollars on the site and I’d be lying if my mathematic skills were up to date… So when the balance came out of my account for this bikini set I realised the exhange rate wasn’t what it used to be. I think around £70 came out of my account, ( including delivery) but I’m happy to pay for quality never the less, so I brushed this off.

One thing I want to express on this blog is to check the fine print! After waiting nearly 4 weeks for this bikini to arrive I was also stung with a cheeky customs and handling fee that cost me just as much as the postage! Which in total landed this bikini at nearly £100! My husband wasn’t convinced that was for sure…

But when I finally received it what did I think?

The fit is pretty good, I ordered the top in a 16G/H and the high waist briefs in an 18. With the sizing on their site being so specific I’d get the tape measure out. As you can probably tell from the photos, the top could be a cup size up but unfortunately this was the biggest they did without going up a back size and with the issue of postage costs, I decided it was something I could live with.

The bikini overall? I’m in love! The print is fabulous (I’m sure you all know how much I love my fruity prints!) and the quality of it is incredible. It holds me up, looks super cheeky and the high waist briefs? So vintage but so cute, perfect for running around the beach with little one.

As always the link to this bikini is below, but please just double check the exchange rate, custom fees and delivery lovelies. Also just have a browse at the Gabi Fresh and other collections, there are so many stunning pieces for all women in such a range of sizes!

Swimsuits for all – Pineapple bikini

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