Confessions of an all inclusive mum.

Okay so lets start this blog off with a tiny confession, I’ve never been on an all inclusive family holiday. Ever. I went on a couples one with my husband before little one was born but that was a bit of a disaster, as two weeks before I found out I was pregnant and was advised not go, so there was no drinking and no soaking up the sun! Also my husband got food poisoning so that kind of put a dump on the holiday, quite literally.

So what did I know about the all inclusive life? Nothing really. When we booked through Thomas cook all I can remember seeing was a mini disco every evening and all the gin and olives this mum could only imagine! We wanted to make this holiday special as my husband won the holiday vouchers through hard work in his job, so we invited nanny tan (Mother in law, not only a wonderful woman in our lives, but a top babysitter!)

For us this holiday really was all about our little one Parker and what he wanted. Pirate pool with the slides? Check. Silly inflatables? Check. All of the ice cream? Check.

I’ve heard so many people say they’ve been to Majorca and how beautiful it is but I’d actually never been! I wasn’t let down, the island was stunning and the area in Alcudia we stayed was wonderful. It had the very British pub side to it, or you could head to the old town and experience true Spanish Majorca.

We booked the BQ Alcudia Sun Village through Thomas Cook and it was such good value for money. We stayed in a one bedroom apartment which had a living room that transformed into another bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. What more did we need?

Another confession, I always get a little panic on when staying abroad I’m a little picky about the cleanliness of a hotel/ apartment but this one you could not fault. There were cleaners around the complex 24/7. And they were so polite and friendly. One of them even had the courtesy of popping the sofa bed for us, as for my husband this turned out to be a challenge!

Next confession food. All of the food. Food I’m not going to lie is a biggie for me, it’s got to be good. I am a self confessed foodie. And my goodness, the food. Fresh seafood, Spanish dishes and salads from breakfast right through to dinner. Of course there was also your children’s favourites of nuggets and chips throughout the day so there was plenty of choice. But Parker tried so many new things, and I ate fish three times a day! The waiters, chefs and bar staff were also so lovely, nothing was too much trouble, from colouring for children to cooking fresh food in front of you. There was even one waiter in particular who was amazing with children, giving them high fives and just in general keeping them entertained!

Talking about entertainment, the daytime and the evening, it was my guilty pleasure, it was brilliant. There was a kids club at our resort but we didn’t opt for it, but in the day the team would come and play water polo or get everyone involved in splash dance, and mini disco at night we were not allowed to miss! Parker loved it. I read so many reviews of it all being in a different languages and some people were disappointed but for us it was great. Little one learnt songs in Spanish, German and English and there was always one of the entertainment team translating all the bits in between, the team were so enthusiastic and they were all incredible with the children!

And how can I forget Lollo and Bernie? Parker loved them, to start with he was a little shy but by the end of the week he was throwing the high fives out!

And one last confession for the mums, the gin, the sangria, the bubbles. And not just any old gins, there was a few well known brands as well as their local which was equally as refreshing. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I might have had a cheeky one or few too many…

Honestly the week flew by. There was so much to do in the area and so many day trips to do. But for us this holiday was all about total relaxation. Beach in the morning then afternoons by the pool. I’ve never been on a holiday where I’ve said I would go to the same resort and same hotel but I would. 100% I’d do it all again, I can hand on heart say I wouldn’t fault anything. If I could go back tomorrow I would. Making memories, travelling the world, it’s all part of the fun. This may have been my first proper all inclusive holiday but it’s definitely not my last.

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  1. Lovely post. I enjoyed reading this. Your little boy is so cute in those pictures. How old is he? I love kids. Would love to have a job or a career working with kids his age. Loving the holiday pictures as well. Amazing views to die for. 🙂


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