iRelief, thigh relief.

When you’ve heard so many people talk about something so little that has made a massive difference, it’s only so long before you have to give it a try, am I right?

So recently I’d noticed a lot of influencers and bloggers talk about a particular anti-chafe product that was perfect for summer. Perfect for tackling the chub rub and a few other things! They’d sing this products praises and they also gave out cheeky discount codes, you know me – I love a bargain! And so I decided to see what the fuss was all about!

The product? iRelief by iVyverdure. With free delivery, and a discount code off one of the many lovely bloggers I follow, it was ordered! I think it came to just over £11 which was hardly a bank breaker compared to other products I’ve seen previously. It took a few days to come, but when it did I was very quick to try it out. I love wearing shorts, dresses, bikinis, the full works in the summer! But with heat comes sweating, and with that…chafing. When I’ve been running in shorts chafing is something I’ve struggled with massively! I’ve found on hot days it’s really held me back. As well as just day to day in this heat, my thighs are sweaty betties, and I can’t cope with the dreaded sore thighs.

This product contains natural ingredients and is vegan, not that I’d recommend eating it…With sensitive skin and psoriasis struggles, I’ve got to be so careful that I don’t aggravate it. So I tend to avoid products that contain a lot of chemicals.

I’ve been applying Ivyvedure to my thighs a few times a day, rubbing it in and off I go! And I’ve found in this heat it’s really worked. And for running? I’ve just made sure I’ve applied lots before I go and it has helped a treat. The only thing I’ve found with it is that I am getting through mine pretty quickly so if they did a bigger one it would be perfect!

It’s also a great product to use underbust if you suffer from areas that rub, also great for breast feeding mums with chapped nips, and even works on feet for when you get new shoes that tend to rub! (I haven’t tried this yet but definitely will!)

Why am I getting so excited over this product? Because for so long whether I’ve been a size 12 or size 18 I have always got the dreaded chub rub. It stings, it’s uncomfortable and pretty much ruins your day. But no longer will my thighs suffer!

So there you go, there’s my thoughts on the iRelief stick by iVyverdure. All I need now is the sun to come back so I can get my legs out again!

I’ve linked the product below if you’d like to give a try and see what all the fuss is about.

iRelief by iVyverdure

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