Chop chop 12 inches off!

Last week I braved up and did something I’ve wanted to do for so long. I braved the chop. The mop chop. Now you may be reading this and think braved? But it’s just a hair cut? But for me it wasn’t.

Being a curvier girl I’ve always found my hair as a bit of mask, a security blanket you could say. I used to think if I had long hair people would comment on that before my size. It sounds ridiculous but having long hair used to make me feel pretty I guess, the dream of being a Disney princess with golden long locks. It was all I dreamed of as a little girl. But being able to hide behind it when I was having a bad day, angling my photos to hide my double chin or cover a bingo wing. Ridiculous I know but I’ve been in such a complex over my body for so long. The past few years I’ve grown so much in confidence, I’ve accepted my body and I have blossomed on my journey to self love. So this felt like one of the final steps.

I loved my long hair, but I found a cause so wonderful that I simply couldn’t hold on to my locks for any longer. I found the Little Princess Trust. A charity that creates and gifts wigs to children and young adults who have lost their hair through illness. It’s a truly wonderful charity.

So after seeing a few others I know braving the chop and donating I decided enough was enough, my hair had to go. All 12 inches of it actually! I booked up to see my trusted stylist in my old home town of Pembroke. And I was ready. She plaited my hair, took the scissors over the hair band, and chop chop it came off! It was, literally, a weight off my shoulders.

The feeling was amazing, not only letting go of all my dead ends but letting go of one of my biggest insecurities. The funny thing is I couldn’t imagine my hair long now! I sent it off at the start of the week and I received my certificate yesterday. It was wonderful, knowing how much of a security my hair was for me, and knowing that for someone having a wig made out of it, it meant so much.

I wish I’d have done it sooner but I guess there wouldn’t have been so much hair! I’ve wanted a change, a fresh cut for so long but silly me hadn’t braved it. But with a few changes in my life, and some new opportunities coming my way I thought now is the right time. Ready for party season too! I’m not sure what my hair plan is now, I love the colour it’s gained from the summer sun so I’m not ready to experiment with colour just yet. But I am thinking of growing it long again to donate!

If you would like to know more about the Little Princess Trust and the work they do I’ll pop the link below. And if you’re looking at taking a big chop why don’t you think about donating too! Have you taken the chop recently? Or have you donated to The Little Princess Trust? Let me know in the comments! X

Little Princess Trust


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