Not quite the scream queen of Halloween.

For as long as I remember Halloween isn’t something I’ve ever really celebrated. There were no traditions in our house growing up and there was never a time we even did trick or treating. If I’m completely honest I’m still not that fussed about it now, but for Parker this year I wanted to make an effort. I wanted to make new traditions.

First things first – a pumpkin patch! I love a good pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup. So we found our local patch and had a fab afternoon. Walking up and down the field trying to find the perfect one. Me and Parker had very different ideas of what was just right, however, his were the ones that had seen better days and probably wouldn’t last five minutes, and mine were the biggest roundest ones I could find. We met in the middle and we ended up with about six! Big ones, little ones, you name it! All different shapes, colours and sizes! It was my first time visiting a pumpkin patch as well as it was for little one, and it was wonderful. A tradition we’ve started this year that we’ll definitely keep.

Then came the carving. A part which although is said to be for children, is definitely more for the adults. My husband was over-joyed carving it last night. As Parker’s just three years old we thought it best not to hand him the knife quite yet! Although he loved scooping out the insides and explaining to Paul what he wanted on it! We’ve popped it by the front door tonight to let all the little ones in the neighbourhood know we’ve got treats!

Next a costume. And if I’m honest I was going to attempt to make one. But life got a little busy, I caved in and decided to buy one. But as Halloween falls just before payday an extravagant one wasn’t going to happen. So a pumpkin mask from Tesco had to do! And as for trick or treating? We made the decision not to take Parker this year. As the weathers turned bitterly cold and he’s now been put on antibiotics for bacteria on the lungs, it seems silly to take him out on the hunt for sweets when he can still have lots of Halloween fun inside!

So his special job tonight? To wear his pumpkin mask, answering the door to trick or treaters (with me by his side) and handing out the treats from the comfort of our own home. I’ve gone on the hunt to good old Poundland today to get some bumper bags of milky ways and haribos! I’d be lying if I didn’t say we might test some too!

Getting into the Halloween spirit I also challenged myself making toffee apples, and my goodness, they are so easy and so so tasty! Truth be told they could have taken a tooth out, but never the less delicious! I found a really easy recipie on ‘BBC good food’ that only uses three ingredients. It was super quick as well just taking over ten minutes to prep and make.

So our plans for tonight? I’ve got one of my girls coming over for hot dogs and toffee apples and we’re going to help little one answer the door and hand out goodies, all whilst watching a few Halloween films or anything spooky themed on the telly!

Are you celebrating this Halloween? Have you got any party plans or are you just enjoying the spirits from the comfort of home? What ever you’re doing, stay safe, take care and have a Happy Halloween!

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