Remember, remember, the days of November.

So can I just start off by saying where have the past 11 months gone? Seriously? November?!? I can’t be the only one feeling this way. One minute it was summer and now bam! Christmas and New Years are just around the corner! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again though, I just really love this time of year! Some might say it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

So November. Halloween’s been and gone and Christmas isn’t too far away! So what’s in between? Well when some people asked what I was doing this bonfire night I had to admit I wasn’t sure until just more than a few days ago. If I’m honest I was a little apprehensive about it! Last year’s 5th of November wasn’t such a success… Nothing awful happened! It just wasn’t what I expected. It was one of those nights where everything that could go wrong – pretty much did!

Last year we drove to our local display at the racecourse, it opened at five and we arrived just after. It was bitterly cold and raining slightly. We all wrapped up and were looking at all the fun things the racecourse had put on! Including children’s fairground rides. Little one was desperate to go on one of the little car rides, the ones that go round and round, we couldn’t resist and let him have a turn. So we popped him on with me squeezed in too and he loved it! Getting off however? A no go, no way he thought. After tantrums and tears we finally got him off. We actually coaxed him off by bribing him with a hot chocolate from one of the food vans.

The hot chocolate however? Too hot. Typical! So I grabbed a fruit shoot to keep him happy, it had only been about an hour and we still had an hour to go. With fruit shoot drank, and hot chocolate cooling I thought we could finally relax. All in hand with a toddler with sugar rush. I know what you’re thinking, mum of the year right here!

We were potty training him around this time last year so constantly questioning.. do you need a wee? Do you need the toilet? The only response from him was a no. No mummy. No.

So hot chocolate now drunk and with little one getting ever so fed up we were at our wits end. We were all cold and slightly damp from the rain, and the display kept getting pushed back due to traffic and needing to get everyone in, and that was it. Parker had an accident. Not just a little one though, nope. Child and husband soaked through with wee (Paul was carrying him! Don’t worry the husband is fully potty trained!)

We headed back to the car to change into clean and dry clothes. And with the heating on, we sat and watched the fireworks from the car. It was still lovely watching them, just a little more eventful than I’d have hoped!

This year however I was prepared! I knew we had to have a plan. Finish work, pick child up from nanny Tanya’s, pick husband up, head back to nanny Tanya to pick her up and get on our way! We arrived about half hour before the display, all wrapped up in so many layers, a mild evening with no rain looked promising! We then bought a tray of over priced chips..£4! For chips! But it’s all part of the experience I thought. So we all shared. And we waited, and we watched as the sky lit up and it was beautiful. Music playing in time, with not only the fireworks but with the fire display they also had on. And with Parker being a year older and a lot more understanding it was magical. I take for granted just how long he’ll stay little, but this was a night we’ll treasure forever. Memories we can hold on to. The local display we went to at Taunton racecourse was all in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. There were hundreds of people there, the atmosphere was incredible. I haven’t seen any official figures yet but I hope they made so much for such an important charity.

I find at this time of year, in all of the darkness events like this with loved ones really make Autumn all so magical.

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