A day at Curve Fashion Festival.

The 17th of November 2018. Just like any normal day, unless you’ve had it saved in your diary all year that in fact, it’s the day of Curve Fashion Fest in Liverpool!

As I’ve said before this was going to be my first time at Curve and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait for the catwalks, the cocktails, the cakes, the catch ups and of course the clothes!

As my first time going I’d be lying if didn’t say it, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to other fashion events in the past, but never one that was tailored specifically for the curvier bodies of the world. I was a little anxious to say the least.

So first things first I finally met the wonderful Esther from @spreadingunicornlove. It was so lovely to meet after being friends on Instagram for so long. We had breakfast together and then ventured to the Festival. We met so many gorgeous babes in the line waiting to get in, and there was such an upbeat, positive, excited atmosphere! With coat in the cloak room, and VIP goody bag in hand, we entered the main room of the breathtaking St. George’s Hall. It was the dream venue aesthetically. The interior, the high ceilings, the beautiful pillars, it was gorgeous. It was historic and honestly I was in awe.

However the space was definitely a bit of an issue. It was so so busy. Which is of course amazing! So many people together all for one reason, celebrating curves and fashion. But the reality was there was so much I wanted to see and do but couldn’t at times just due to the sheer volume of people in one place at one time. But as for accessibility I am aware many struggled, with the venue being over two floors and the walkway between the first lot of stands being quite small, it was quite intense at busy times.

This Included the catwalk show. Luckily we managed to get into one! We only managed to catch the online retailers show but it felt amazing. Watching bodies I could relate to, strutting their stuff down the catwalk. Owning it like the queens they were. Seeing such a diverse range of bodies was beautiful. Seeing models that were all shapes, all sizes, wearing the most stunning clothes and lingerie. Honestly I wanted to go back down stairs and buy it all! I know more than a few ladies missed out on the basis that there wasn’t enough space, which is a real shame as I’d have wanted everyone there to experience what I did! It was jaw dropping and made me think so you know what girl? If they can do that, then you can! If they can wear that, then you can! Every single model had confidence and sass that was just infectious! The whole room was filled with so much positivity and sense of belonging.

One of my favourite babes the Em Edit strutting her stuff!

There were so many talks and shows on throughout the day I wished I could’ve watched them all, but with time not on my side I missed the beautiful George from @fullerfigurefullerbust talking all things boobs and bras with Debenhams, which I would’ve loved to have seen and heard. Georgina was my biggest inspiration for starting my blog, not only is she so beautiful but she’s also a real life gem.

Now to the shopping. I could’ve shopped until I dropped! But unfortunately for me the bank wasn’t on my side. I’d saved up a little for a cocktail and to buy a book I’ve wanted for so long, but that was it really.

And not only did I buy the book but, I also met the inspirational author Michelle Elman from @scarrednotscared, and she signed it! I have a signed copy of ‘Am I Ugly’ and it means more to me than all the clothes in the world! She was just the most wonderful, kind and passionate person I think I’ve ever met. And the fact that she took the time to have a chat, have a cuddle and sign my copy was just so lovely.

I have to say the whole day was so lovely, it was fabulous to be in such a positive atmosphere. I’ve shopped for too long knowing my size probably wouldn’t be on the shelf, knowing that I’ve always been the fat one in the group. But knowing that at Curve there was no judging. No diet talk. Just a safe space to be you. To try on clothes, to shop, to get a bloody good discount in places! Yes I’m talking about the Lovedrobe stand, they had 50% off at Curve! Yes 50%! I tried on a few bits and it was really lovely falling in love with fashion again.

Laura from @whatlauraloves launched her new collection with Curvissa and I wanted every single piece! Laura was on the stand pretty much all day and was so passionate about her collection, you could see it was her dream wardrobe, every piece was so considered. I’m still debating treating myself to some of it now! The pieces are timeless.

Meeting so many faces I’d only ever seen on instagram, it was so surreal. So many babes that were just as amazing in person, which felt wonderful. Being able to relate to so many women was just incredible. Being able to have a laugh, to talk fashion, to make friends for life.

Not to mention the special treatment you could have on the day, I’m talking about Pretty Little Thing and their hair braiding experts, illustrators at Very and Matalan doing portraits and so many famous faces including Hayley Hasslehoff and Sonny Turner. So so many to mention!

Now I can’t finish this blog without mentioning the refreshments, especially the cocktails! Those lads were flat out from start to finish, the violet unicorn? A winner! Gin, candy floss, the cutest straw! What more could a girl want! Dan and Lees mobile bar, the only complaint? We needed two of them! But the drinks were 100% worth the wait.

As a first timer at Curve I have to say it was so much more than I expected, I was so overwhelmed. There was so much for everyone, so many different brands, styles and fits, so much on you were spoilt for choice! There were definitely improvements needed on access but this has been addressed by the lovely ladies to who run Curve and next year’s floor plan and ideas for a new venue have already been released. What they’ve created is something so wonderful. It can only get better. The feeling of belonging is something that as a plus size woman in the fashion world can be non existent. But we need to take up space, we need our voices to be heard, we need to be who we are. And the 17th of November 2018 is a day I won’t forget, I just can’t wait for next year!

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