A Winter day out at Yeo Leisure Park.

It’s coming into Winter, it’s wet, its cold, it’s dark in the mornings and when you get home in the evenings. And it’s also nearly Christmas. So what do you do at the weekends building up to the big day and after? For us it’s usually a wellies and coats on walk in the woods or to the park. Great fun, but what about a weekend treat? What do you do when you want to do something that’s a little special? But something the whole family will enjoy.

Well today I’m going to tell you about our visit to Yeo Leisure Park last weekend. Just a 45 minute drive from Taunton, and great for anyone based in Somerset that doesn’t want to travel to Bristol or Exeter. It seemed like a perfect option for a fab day out. So when we were invited along for a visit we had to say yes. Cinema, bowling and Frankie and Bennys all in one spot, it was our dream family day out all over!

So after a pretty easy drive, we’d arrived. We payed for parking, £4.50 for up to 5 hours but all refunded once you’d had a stamp from each of the areas in the park. So make sure you’ve got a little change as usually we don’t! So we were lucky this time, although there was a car parking booth with an attendant if you did need some cash changing up. Everything you needed was right there in front the car park, very accessible and very easy to navigate.

So first off we headed to Cineworld. It was Parker’s first time at the cinema so I was a little apprehensive to say the least! He’s such a fidget at home I worried he’d be the one wriggling or needing a wee as soon as the film started, and would just be in general a little pickle! But as we got our tickets and munch box in hand, he was so excited.

The staff were so lovely, you could tell they really cared about everyone having a great experience, they showed us where we could get a booster seat and told us exactly where we needed to go. All sat down with popcorn in hand we were ready!

Me and Paul haven’t been to the cinema together since before Parker was born, so being able to go together with him meant so much. We watched the new Grinch film and it was great fun. Perfect for Parker’s age and above. A lot less scary than the original (although he loves that too!) and to our surprise he sat good as gold, laughed at moments and was just so in awe at the big screen.

As soon as we came out he said how happy he was. Paul and I also had a great time, being able to all enjoy the same film and share popcorn and have a laugh together it was a real treat!

After the cinema we moved next door, not far at all! To Hollywood Bowl where we were greeted again with happy faces. We were shown to our lane, had the sides rails put up (for Parker, not me at all, I promise!) and proceeded to face the intense competitiveness of our little family!

We had a lovely lane host who took care of everyone along the lanes, we don’t have this in our local bowling alley so it was such a treat, you could order food and drinks without missing out on any of the action! We had one game and bowled for around an hour, it was so much fun, Parker loved using the ramp to assist as he’s still a bit little to carry the ball by himself. And of course I won, with Parker in close second and Paul last to his amusement!

Parker’s just over three and a half years old and it’s such a lovely age, he’s starting to listen more, to take things in, to understand taking turns and cheering on others. So for us bowling is something we try to do as a special treat. We all love it and something that doesn’t break the bank on a wet afternoon!

Hollywood Bowl also offer Christmas parties which would be fab for an afternoon out with friends or work colleagues or for little ones, if you’ve got a birthday coming up or just want to celebrate some Christmas cheer with a group!

Whether it’s for family fun, kids’ or adults’ birthday parties, work functions, nights with a date or a mate or simply an excuse to celebrate the weekend-you name it, Hollywood Bowl has got it covered! Visit http://hollywoodbowl.co.uk/for more info or to book today!

After we finished bowling the manager Paul sorted us out with some cheeky pennies to have a go in arcade. Two penny machines are one of my favourite childhood memories, I could spend hours in there just trying to get the key ring or little toy! And again, not too harsh on the wallet. We also had a go on a few of the other arcade games until little one was ready for some lunch.

We headed just down the path to Frankie and Benny’s. Parker had loved Frankie and Bennys since he was tiny, every restaraunt you go to is always so child friendly and this one was no exception! We opted for the festive menu, three courses for just £16.99 and for litte one a two course menu for just £4.99. There was lots of choice and Parker opted for cheesy pasta and garlic bread, Paul had his favourites off the festive menu including a butter milk chicken burger and as I’m dairy free I stuck to the vegan options.

The dough balls, followed by a vegan hot dog and for pudding, melting chocolate orange cake which was also to my surprise – vegan! All very festive and all very delicious. Head over to https://www.frankieandbennys.com/menu to take a peek for yourself or to book a table!

We spent a good couple of hours in there. Barbra who served us was so wonderful, very good with little ones and very attentive. We coloured, we chatted and had a lovely meal. Nothing was too much for the staff even though it was a busy Saturday afternoon!

The only minor thing was I had to pop out during our meal and put an extra hour or so parking on the car so we weren’t rushing out as 5 hours was cutting it a little fine. But with parking all refunded at the end this wasn’t too much trouble. It just might have been easier if there was an all day option? So you didn’t have to worry about the car at all! 

So with parking refunded we left Yeo Lesiure Park feeling very content. It was a day well spent, laughing, just being together doing activities we could all enjoy. For us we would definitely revisit. It was such a wonderful day with everything just a super short walk away from each other. If you’re in Somerset and looking for a day out that’s not too far I would 100% recommend it. I have to add although our day out was gifted all opinions are my own and this is a day out we’d happily enjoy and pay for ourselves again. It was a wonderful winter day out.

So if you’re local to Somerset and want to check out or visit Yeo Leisure park, they’re on facebook so you can find out more there! And Yeo Leisure will be giving away £50 in vouchers to spend there over December, so keep an eye out for your chance to win! Are you local to Somerset looking for a family day out? Or have you visited Yeo Leisure Park? As always let me know below, I’d love to hear!

Yeo Leisure Park Facebook

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