‘Tis the season to love holly!

It’s two weeks today! What is you say? Two weeks until Christmas and I’m far too excited, the parties, the markets, the joy the festivities bring! And tonight I thought I’d share with you another part of our very merry homemade Christmas! A part which I only recently learnt how to do myself.

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Tara from work showed me how to create the most beautiful wreath from all things organic that surrounded us at this time of year. And a few of you said how you’d love to know how! So here it is, my little guide, courtesy of Tara to homemade wreath making!

So first things first, Tara had pre-prepared for us a wire ring, made from wire lengths found in The Range, held together with masking tape, to make a good size circle – perfect for hanging on the door!

The next step was bulking it out, we added the moss that she’d gathered, compacting it all around and securing it by looping lots of green string around, making sure there was lots of moss so it was nice and full.

We added another couple of rounds of string to make sure it was not only secure, but that there was also plenty of space to poke the fern, the holly and the little berries and flowers through. You could add anything you like, just make sure you wear some gardening gloves, that holly was a little prickly! Basically just using whatever you can find around you in the great outdoors, we’ve got some gorgeous wooded areas around us that contain all things festive and natural. Perfect for placing on the door this Christmas, and creating all the Winter vibes!

Once finished and brought home I tied a bow around, looped through some string and hung it proudly upon my front door, just surrounding our number 35. We’re keeping it bright by watering it every few days to keep it fresh and hoping that it’ll last a few weeks!

It was a bit messy and you’ll need a good brush up afterwards, but it was pretty simple to do and so effective and radiant. I’m not sure about anyone else but every year I buy so much Christmas tat, when the reality is it’s so lovely to create something home made, something you can really find pride in.

So here she is! My finished wreath, what do you think? Have you had a go at wreath making this year? On my next one I want to add pine cones and little ribbon bows. There’s no stopping the Christmas creativity from flowing!

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