Surrender to Scantilly this Christmas.

Two bra reviews in one week? You lucky lot! Okay, okay, so really I’m just so in love with this set and the way it makes me feel, that I just had to get my thoughts out to you all. I had to tell you how I truly feel about this cheeky one!

The Scantilly Surrender set. I’ve previously owned this set in black and it was a firm favourite of mine, my favourite set ever actually! Until after a couple of years of wear, she developed a small hole from my dear puss cat Gizmo and his clawing paw and that was it. R.I.P, my favourite set ever.

Until this week. The babes from Brastop gifted me a new set, beautifully packaged, just in time for Christmas…and in its new very festive colour – Deep red! Saucy, sexy and a present that I’m sure even Santa wouldn’t be able to resist!

So what do I think of it? It’s beautiful. I’m in love. When it comes to Curvy Kate and Scantilly they get it right every time. The design, the structure, the shaping. To actually find sexy and well fitting underwear is a dream. I received my set in a 36H and she fits perfectly, with the harness straps sitting flat to my bust.

I love the detailing with Scantilly, every part of the set is so beautifully thought out, from the embroidery scalloping on the cup to the small golden emblem in the middle of the bra. The actual support on this bra is lovely, and the sheer tulle cup is so wonderful against the skin. With adjustable straps and a three-hook back fastening, she does the job, and she does it very well.

So let’s talk briefs, not that long ago I wouldn’t have dared wearing a set of knickers like these. But I’ve learnt over time, sexy has no size! These are the peep hole briefs in deep red. I’ll admit my ‘mum tum’ and wide hips have always made me a little scared of the string thong look. But it’s all about confidence, it’s all about how you feel and how you wear it! I’m a size 18-20 and the briefs are an XL. I could have done with a little extra stretch in the sides as my hips are a little wider, but otherwise these are my new feel good pants. The pants you put on when you’ve got a lot to do and you want to feel empowered!

I put this set on an I felt incredible. I felt like my body was amazing. Confidence is a funny thing. Some days you can be on fire! Others you can feel a little negative. That’s why I love a good set of underwear! It can instantly change your mood, make you feel invincible, so full of sass and seduction! And after so long of neglecting my own body, finally it feels amazing, your body is not your enemy and it’s taken me too long to realise.

This bra runs from a size 30DD to a 40HH and the knicker choice to match is a thong or peep hole brief going from a size S to XL. I would love for Scantilly to expand their size range on briefs in this set as it’s a real winner in my books.

If the thought of a strapping brief however scares you a little, Scantilly has an incredible range of high waisted sexy briefs, with fuller and padded cup sets. Even a cheeky halter neck one! So if you’re looking for something a little saucier for the new year I can’t recommend this brand enough.

The link for this set is as always just below. So have you also fallen head over heels for Scantilly? What have you asked Santa to put under the tree this year? Merry Christmas babes!

Scantilly Surrender set from Brastop

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