New Year. Same me. Sort of…

Around this time last year I wrote the blog post New year, New me, No thank you. And although this year I also plan on not giving into the diet industries attack on us at January, there are a few things I do want to adapt in my life. And the new year? It seems like a pretty good time to start.

This year I’ve set myself goals, I don’t want to change who I am, but there are things I’d definitely like to add to my life. The difference in this year to most past years, is the things I want to improve about myself aren’t about my appearance or a number on a scales or a pair of jeans.

In 2018 I learnt to be ambitious. I’ve learnt I’m capable of a lot more than I realise, I started a new job that has lead to a career growing, I took part in an amazing campaign for a lingerie brand I love, I worked with brands I love and could’ve only dreamt of working with! I ran a half marathon! I mean that’s 13.2 miles for goodness sake?!? And that’s just a tiny part of my list. But one of the most important things? I put myself first, made decisions for me, which I hadn’t done in a long time. Not really anyway.

This year I want to keep the ambition, gain more confidence. But be more, well, me!

And I know that sounds silly. Be more me? But sometimes I feel like I hold back, my anxiety plays a massive part in that. But I’m getting there. Last year I learnt to breath. I used a few coping mechanisms, I developed a way of blocking the negativity out.

So this year. 2019. Want to know my goals? Some may call them resolutions, I call them goals. Firstly I want to use less plastic, not buy a carrier bag so often, buy the loose veg, forget the straw. It may seem small and not a very ambitious goal but it means something to me, and so far so good. Also I’ve learnt the more realistic the goal to set the easier it is to stick at it!

Secondly I want to cook more, not just freezer teas- although I am partial to a good fish finger sandwich! I want experiment with food and flavours, new herbs and spices and buy more recipe books that I will develop and use, and pass on recipes to friends and family that I love! I love food. There’s no doubt about it but for years I made myself have such a negative relationship with it to a point where I hated the thought of eating. I detested meal times. Now I’m in a much better place, I’m still on the long road to recovery, I just want to enjoy sharing tastes and experiences. I want to eat and not worry what others think. I want to love food so much again, and regain that fire of passion in the kitchen!

Another one? Yes I said there was a few! To take up a new sport, or activity should I say, I’ve wanted to try yoga for so long! So this is the year I’m going to get all the gear and hopefully have an idea? So any tips please send my way! Also swimming. As a family we love going swimming so I want to spend more Saturday mornings in the pool and as summer returns in the sea. Last year I said I would run more but after running a half marathon it’s really put me off, it was amazing raising so much money and achieving a life goal! And one day I’ll pop my trainers back on and venture out but for now I think I’ll give the yoga mat and the pool a go!

And lastly I want to gain the confidence to blog again. This may sound ridiculous as I do blog, but not as much as I want to. Not as much as I feel I could do. I love how far my blog has taken me and how much my words mean to others. And I really want to take on more, I want to keep writing because I love it, I want to keep expressing my views, I want to work with new brands that I love. I want to be inspired and to inspire. I started this blog as almost a diary, a way to vent, a way to express my love for fashion and lingerie and to talk about my relationship with my own body and motherhood. So this year I want to take it up a notch. I want to put my everything into it.

So there you have it. My new year goals! And here’s my reminder to you, this time of year can be pretty tough. This year try not to feel the pressure of the diet industry, if you want a new year, new you then go for it babe! But do it for you, not because some advert told you how cheap their diet club is if you start in January or because Julie from down the road told you about Sal who lost 4 stone in a week. Because it’s not realistic, it’s not healthy and it’s certainly not good for your mental health. And if you’re heading into 2019 with every intention of being who you were in 2018, then don’t change a thing.

So have you given yourself any new goals for 2019? Or are you planning on staying fabulously the way you are? Either way just remember this year is just another year, tomorrow is just another day. And you are so worthy and so incredible. Just keep being you.

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  1. WOW! A half of marathon! That is a great feat! I wish I could do that lol…and plus taking up yoga sounds really super COOL! I am excited to see where that takes you!


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