So Natural, So Lush! The Naked Goddess.

If you’ve read my latest blog post you’ll have seen that this year as one of my New year, new goals, I’m trying to be more conscious of how much plastic I use day to day. Last night we did the food shop, I chose the loose veg rather than the packaged, and made sure I didn’t spend 5p on carrier bags and instead made sure I brought enough tote. Simple right? An easy change in that sense.

But what about hair and beauty products? It’s really hard. Everything is packaged in plastic bottles or containers. Make up, shampoo, heat defence. Day to day products that I use, that waste so much plastic a year. I’m not saying I’m going to become a saint and a boss at the recycling and green game. But I really believe if we all made small changes it would make a big difference. I’m just trying to make small adjustments in my life, adjustments that will hopefully be passed on.

So plastic free haircare? Hard right? Well that’s when I read about Lush shampoo bars, a few gals I know had tried them and raved about them, I’d also read a couple of articles saying how they are the way forward. Not only are they completely natural, not tested on animals and completely vegan, they also create zero percent plastic waste.

If I’m honest I’d never actually been into lush. I’d heard about their bath bombs and how crazy and cool they are, my husband treated me to one for my birthday but I’d never personally had the Lush experience before. And I have to say I was impressed to say the least.

I took the lunch break trip to town. I feel so lucky that Taunton still has a high street full of shops, full of bubbling customer service and always full of busy shoppers! So I popped into our Lush store. The smell waiting outside the front door, you can’t miss it! The staff in our local store were so, excuse the pun, just Lush! They were so informative and the girl that served me was so lovely and so honest about the products. I had a full demonstration about how it lathers up and all the different types of shampoo bars depending on your hair type. They also do conditioning bars that you rub on to your hair on the areas that need it. But as a Lush virgin I decided to try the ‘Godiva’ bar. The naked goddess. A shampoo bar that contains essences including jasmine, which is also full of nourishment with nut oils and coconut oil. It lathered up wonderfully and I thought I’d give it a try. I got sucked into the beauty of Lush, all the smells, all the colours. So many products I hadn’t even thought could be so naturally made. I even treated Paul to a cheeky aubergine emoji bath bomb!

So I got home and tried the bar, I’ve used it three times since I bought it and I’m impressed! The girl who sold it to me said it can do eighty to one hundred washes, providing you let it dry out as needed in between washes. So the result? My hair feels just as good as it did when using my regular products. And the best bit? It’s a bargain! At just £7.50 for the bar and for just £2.95 for the tin to keep it in? This was a result.

I usually spend at least double that on my haircare and buy at least once a month so I’m hoping this will be a real penny saver as well as plastic saver! And with the savings it means I can have a few different flavours on the go, and the odd hair mask treat! My hair usually dries right out In the cold weather so I may be treating myself sooner rather than later!

As a first timer on a rushed lunch break I had such a wonderful experience that I’ll definitely be popping back when I have more time. There was so so much that I really need a good bit of time to look around. And if you’re Somerset based it’s definitely worth popping into Taunton, the staff are honestly the best and nothing was too much trouble. So, do you love Lush? What product should I definitely be trying? I’d love to know! Want to try the ‘Godiva’? I’ve linked it below for you as always lovelies! X

The Lush Godiva shampoo bar.

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