The art of trying something new.

Yoga. I will be the ultimate yogi I thought. I will be able to lift my leg behind my head, and do the crab in a week, I will be so flexible. I will be like a flamingo. Elegant, graceful, and with unimaginable posture and poise. I was once a ballerina so I’ve got this. Girl you are going to be so incredible this will be a piece of cake, speaking of cake I’ll have a slice after this!

Step one, get your head in the game. Get a yoga mat right? Pop on a good sports bra, (Panache if you may know!) some leggings, hair up, socks on and you’re ready, right? Get all the gear and no idea? Sounds just up my street.

Step two, connect with your body, your mind, the earth, your spirit, your energy, your strength. Feel the energy flow through your body.

So this was the part I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for…

After taking some advice I decided to venture on Adriene Mishler’s 30 day YouTube yoga course. I’d seen a few people giving it a go. And if I’m honest I hadn’t got a clue where to start when it comes to yoga!

Day one, first session. To start with it was like having a good friend over for a chat. Releasing tension, focusing on breathing, letting go of any negative thoughts. It was wonderful. Then the hard part.

The yoga.

I never realised how unbelievably unfit I was until I tried it, how inflexible I’ve become, how much tension I hold. I couldn’t even do a plank for a few seconds. What has happened to me? This isn’t the girl that ran a half marathon?

So I stopped. The great thing about this yoga course? You can go at your own pace. You can take a break.

It was a real eye opener. Being able to be in the comfort of your own home as you embark on a new adventure.

I sweated, I struggled, my legs hurt my arms hurt. It was simple yoga. True yoga experts would probably be in shock at just how incapable I was. The downward dog, the Sphinx all moves I had no idea even existed! Let alone had a clue how to do. Step by step I learnt them. I may not be perfect, actually I’m far from it. I have the flexibility of a stick not a flamingo.

But it’s okay. I’ve learnt over time that practice makes perfect. Even if I spend years practicing, it’s all about the baby steps. I’ve given myself a break for a day after the first session.

It really was hard. Sometimes I worry that my weight holds me back but I know the reality is it’s my mind. I need to remember my body is capable, my body is worthy. I can do this.

Yoga, it’s not a sport. It’s an art, it’s a form of self expression, it’s movement of the body. It’s a journey. And believe me when I say I feel like I’ve barely started my journey. It’s going to be a long road, with some highs some lows. I know my body isn’t as strong as it once was, I know that becoming physical again after having a few months off doing any real exercise will be a challenge.

So I’m easing myself in.

For me this is a great way to start something new. Knowing that I’m in a safe space that I can relate to, having all my comforts near. Knowing that there’s no judgment. Just me, my mat, and Adrienes voice, guiding me through step by step.

And honestly the hardest part of yoga for me? Being able to stretch and let go of all the tension all at the same time. It’s such a mental battle. It’s pushing boundaries I didn’t know where there.

It’s not even day two yet and I’ve written a blog, I bet you’re all thinking why? You haven’t even scraped the surface and you’re writing your opinions down?! Your no expert, mate your not even a beginner!

But here’s why.

Because the art of learning something new as adults is something I know most of us aren’t very good at – me especially! The challenge, the fear, the anxiety that builds at just the sheer thought of failing.

There’s a few classes around Taunton I want to try, I want to give hot pod yoga a go. I want to break my anxiety down, do a class with other people, not care what they think. I want to be brave. It may take a few more months for me to get to that stage, and to leave behind the comfort of my living room, and Adriene. And maybe a friend holding my hand all the way through.

But I’ve taken the first step, I’m trying something new. And if in 30 days (or more at the rate I’m going!) its okay to say it’s not for me, or you never know I could really be putting my leg behind my head and doing the crab! It’s the excitement of what’s to come. The unknown challenge. Becoming comfortable celebrating the movement of my own body. In 30 or do days I’ll make sure I do an update blog, maybe when I have a little more knowledge and hopefully a little more strength. Just remembering, it’s my journey, my pace. Baby steps.

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