Jumpers for January.

It’s cold, freezing to be precise. Okay it’s not that bad, but the nips are like tic tacs most days. It’s rainy most of the time. Welcome to January babes. But we’re nearly there! February is on the horizon. But for now, I’m here for you. Here to brighten things up with a splash of colour!

Colours are a funny thing in fashion aren’t they? For years I stayed away from primary or bold colours. For fear of being noticed I guess. Wearing all black, all grey. Not wanting to stick out. But here I am, in the boldest of bold. With some print clashes, and a cheeky red lip!

So to start off, both these jumpers I want to show you today are from one of my favourites – Matalan. Both of these jumpers were bought by me, for me. This is no ad, or gifted blog this is me telling you, just simply how much I love these cosy knits!

First up the gorgeous, rainbow striped, tie sleeve jumper. I studied knit wear at university for a little while, as part of my fashion and textiles degree. And after learning just how difficult the industrial knitting machines were to use, I really appreciate the quality and the skill of a good knit. I love knitwear. The different stitches, the different wools. It really excites me. So this jumper? Cute, comfy and right on trend. The boldness in the colours, paired with a red lip, a bold set of earrings and a good pair of jeans. Saturday sorted. Again I used to stay away from stripes especially on my top half, it’ll draw attention I used to think, I already look big on top. But here I am breaking the rules! Be bold babes, wear what you want and just be you! And at just £12 I think it’s an actually bargain.

The second jumper I bought was WAY out of my comfort zone. Bright pink, thick knit, with a unique stitch line down the front. The second I bought this though I knew exactly what I was going to pair it with! My leopard print skirt, my leopard print trainers and my coral tassel earrings. Too bold I thought? No Lauren you can do this, you can pull this off! So here I am, rocking this new outfit. Brightening up this dark and slightly gloomy rainy Saturday here in Somerset. The texture of this jumper is really lovely, so soft and really gentle on the skin. I always worry with cheaper knitwear that it might be a little scratchy but this was wonderful. And also very reasonably priced at just £16.

I bought both these jumpers in an XL and the fit was perfect. I’ve really fallen for Matalan and their new styles recently. It’s one of my go-to places for plus size, on trend clothes at a really affordable price. So there we have it! My two new knits, perfect for January and perfectly paired with any outfit. As always I’ve linked them just below. So have you found away to brighten up January? Or a new favourite knit? Let me know x

Matalan Rainbow striped jumper.

Matalan Pink soft touch jumper.


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