Love leggings? You’ll love these.

Let’s be honest, this month I said I’d try yoga, I said I’d try a few new things! I wrote a blog on my first at home yoga lesson, only to find I’m struggling to connect with the mat again. But if I’m really honest I’m struggling to find the time to put in a good full hour session. Finding the time to just stop I guess.

Short bursts of exercise each day is definitely something that works best for me. The 20 minute run used to be a favourite, the quick round of circuits in the garden, the skipping rope routine for a good 10 minutes. All physical activities that I found not only helped me understand my body and how it moved, but also helped my mind, my focus, my stamina. And for all the running and skipping I needed the right gear.

So when ‘Love leggings’ contacted me and asked if they could gift me a pair of their leggings in return for this blog I said I couldn’t wait to write about them, and put them through their paces. I was sent the ‘energise legging’ in a size 2XL, in the colour black. Currently the largest that the sports leggings go up to. However their everyday range goes from an XXS- 5XL. I’m a size 18 usually and the fit was good, high waisted with a long enough leg. And not too tight in any areas.

Time to put them to work. First a house clean. If you’re anything like me this can be more strenuous than a couple of hours at the gym! Up and down the stairs, round with the hoover, reaching high, ducking low, scrubbing the bath. Getting a right good sweat on! First test passed. No movement, no rolling down, comfortable. Surprisingly no sweat patches, so very durable, so far so good.

Second test. Outside skipping rope, and my goodness was it cold! I only lasted a few minutes, my stamina from not running has gone really down hill. Out of breath, nips like tic tacs. But the leggings? They had my back (well bum and legs really!) no chaffing, no digging in and no rubbing. Which if I’m honest I was a little surprised at as they have no waist tie. But they have amazing support. Also something that I’m always cautious over with leggings is that they have a thick enough quality to not see your fancy pants through, but breathable enough to have a good work out without your legs dripping with sweat. This pair of energiser leggings? Well they passed that test too! No cheeks on show today.

These leggings for me are great, they did the job and did it really well, they’re really soft and really comfortable. I would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for a good sports legging. And although the size only currently goes up to a 2XL in the sports range I’m hoping they’ll be expanding in the future. Us bigger girls love a good work out too! And if you’re a bit like me and just love leggings to lounge in, then take a peak at their everyday range. For mums to be, ‘Love leggings’ even have a maternity range of leggings, good for keeping that bump comfortable, and with plenty of support.

When I was pregnant I lived in leggings, but they were never a high enough quality or the right fit, and they’d always pull or be too tight, If only ‘love leggings’ were around then!

I’ve linked below the pair I received, along with a couple of my favourites from the site – if you did want a look! For such a high quality legging I was also pleasantly surprised at the price, which is really reasonable especially when compared to your local high street. Under £15 for a pair of everyday leggings? You can’t go wrong really!

So what do you think? Will you be giving ‘Love leggings’ a try? It is the season for the thicker layers after all!

Energise Sport legging.

Açai purple high waist legging.

Navy blue cropped legging.

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