Re-think the drink. Why did I go dry this January.

Dry January, we’ve all heard of it. Personally I’d never taken much thought to it, I’ve never seen the need to give up alcohol for a month. Dry January, sober October, I always understood the charity side of it, the challenge and I mean I did it for nine months when I was pregnant – easy.

But lately I think I’ve been a little too dependant on that Friday night wine, the bottle not the glass. And after lots of bubbles and a couple bottles of gin over Christmas, I realised just how numb I was to it. New Year’s Eve was a particularly worrying for me, I had the best night but after drink after drink, then shot after shot. I woke up feeling fine. More than fine.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say, it scared me. Being so numb to drinking. Not even feeling the effects of alcohol. And suddenly the realisation, that Friday night bottle was a routine, the Saturday night numerous gins, a routine. A routine I wanted to lose for 2019. There are so many jokes and sayings, about mums needing wine to function, about wine getting women through the week and the reality is, it’s a little nerve wracking. Just how accepting I’d become to justifying my weekly routine.

So New year fresh start, letting go of the booze a little.

Week one, it was difficult. Giving up the routine. It sounds so silly writing this, but I really lusted for a cheeky tipple. But week after week it’s become easier. My body feels so much better, my skin is clearer, I’m less bloated. I feel like I have so much energy. Just from cutting a few drinks out a week? I’ve struggled with my sleep for a while now, constantly feeling exhausted, the biggest bags under my eyes. I’m not saying cutting alcohol out has made me a new woman but it’s definitely made me re-think the drink.

Today is the last day of January and I’m honestly so surprised I’ve stuck to it. It was definitely the fresh start to the new year that I needed, and I’m really going to think about how much I drink. Maybe the weekly glass, maybe the weekly one gin. I’m not saying I’m going to cut it out all together but I seriously want to cut back.

So I’m celebrating my last night of dry January with a cheeky orange juice. This was the fresh start to the New Year I needed.

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