Happy Second Birthday to me, to my blog, to The Mum Style.

This week my little blog – The Mum Style, turned two. Two whole years of blogging, instagramming and hours of typing. Seventy blog posts, over twenty thousand readers and over seven and a half thousand of you joining me on Instagram. To a lot of people this may not seem like much, but to me it means everything.

I started blogging as a kind of therapy. A way to get the things I wanted to talk about off my chest, a way to express myself. It has worked wonders for me. After having Parker, I wanted to regain my identity as me, which I guess is a little ironic as I named my blog The Mum Style! But I remember it like it was yesterday, trying to choose a blog name, I honestly think it took me a good week! Why The Mum Style? I wanted a name that would sum up me, and what my blog was about. I introduced my blog with my first ever post – This is me, this is My Mum Style. So what does it mean to me?

I love underwear (as you all probably know by now!) I also love fashion, and I love being a mum more than anything. And for me, this name summed it up perfectly. The Mum Style had a ring to it. So with a name set in stone, my journey began.

I’ve talked about a lot over the two years! From discovering new underwear, new brands, to talking about life with a child with Cystic Fibrosis, to my own mental health and how I’ve coped with some big life changes. But one massive change I’ve definitely noticed is my mind set. My confidence has grown leaps and bounds, my attitude towards my body and journey to self love has come so far. My confidence in my own words.

I’d be the biggest liar if I didn’t say blogging has also brought me moments of self doubt. When everyone is at an event and you’re not invited, when you don’t get the second opportunity to work with a brand. When you reach out and no one replies. When you can’t find the energy to type, and you wonder if anyone is actually wanting to read anyway? When you feel like an outsider in an already built community. Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in, I don’t have an exact theme. I’m not really a travel blogger, or a mum blogger or even a fashion blogger. I just sit here with my cup of tea and vent, and take that time for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m just me. And I’m just writing. And it’s taken me a long time to realise that’s okay.

This blog is now a massive part of my life. I’m no longer just a mother, a wife, a purchasing administrator. I have the confidence to say I am a blogger. I am a woman who has confidence in the words and photos I share. And this year I want to take that further. This year I want to grow my blog, I want to keep writing about everything I love, sharing my stories, my love for pretty pants! I’ve been so lucky to have built life long friendships from my blog, to be inspired by so many people also in the same blogging boat.

And that’s just it, I believe blogging is for everyone. If you’re thinking of starting writing, I 100% recommend it. My advice? Don’t get hung up on numbers, do it for you. Write with the mind set that you’re the only one reading, that it’s a personal diary of things you love, that happens to be shared online! Try not to compare yourself with anyone else. Easier said than done right? Everyone’s on their own journey, fix each other’s crowns, lift and support those around you. Celebrate others success. Because the friendships that I’ve built mean more than any numbers or any campaigns. And most importantly Be You.

Staying true to yourself. Only allowing yourself to write about what you love. I find the words come naturally when you feel passionate about what you’re writing about. These blogs may actually take a little longer to write, well for me they do anyway! A few days of editing, trying to make sure the words come across how I want them to. And that’s okay, take your time. Feel like each post is your own little page of self expression. And lastly read and re-read. Practice what you preach. I read my own blogs when I need to. Having a bad day when you feel a little rubbish about yourself? Uplift yourself with you. Go back, inspire yourself with your own words.

This year I want to really focus more time on my writing. This year I’m going to give a little more of me time, more family life adventures, more body confidence, more mental health venting, more outfit posts and a lot more pants reviews! So if this sounds like it’s up your street then please do stick around for the adventure.

Because this is me, and this is My Mum Style.

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