The perfect set to put a spring in your step!

Right ladies we are nearly there, Spring is on the horizon! The daffodils are out, the mornings and evenings are getting lighter (slightly) and I’ve had a proper spring clean! A good sort out of the wardrobe and a good re-home to a lot of house hold bits we just don’t use anymore!

But what about underwear? It’s usually this time of year I start treating myself to new prints, new styles. A bit of a treat for my baps! A new over the shoulder, boulder holder! But this year the babes at Brastop beat me to it! And gifted me the gorgeous Flirtelle Viola set. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it this set is just what I needed!

I’ve been having a few moments of self doubt lately and one thing that has helped me massively, is underwear. The empowerment a good set can give you is honestly incredible. The feeling of putting on a matching set on a Monday morning and feeling like a total boss! The feeling of being fully supported, uplifted and ready to take on the day! So here she is, let’s talk about the oh so dainty and pretty Viola.

The Viola bra is currently online, in stock from a 32HH to a 40K, and from F cups on a 34 plus back. And the briefs from a size 10 to a 22. I received mine in a 36H and the briefs a size 20. Usually I wear a size 18 in briefs but these were definitely comfier sized up. I really love the polka dot mesh and the total coverage they provide. The bra is very true to size with a gorgeous stretch cup, 3 option hook back and adjustable straps.

I really do enjoy a basic white set, perfect for everyday and perfect under a blouse or white top, and so so comfortable! The gorgeous matching lace detail from the briefs to the cup are simply stunning and the comfort of a full stretch cup is wonderful. This set will be a staple for summer as I love wearing white crop tops without having to wear a strapless!

This set comes in at just £33.00 for the bra and £16 for the briefs so a real uplift of a bargain! You get it? Uplift! Never mind, anyway this will definitely be a set I wear daily. Cute, comfortable and perfect under work wear. So are you in need of a pick me up? A treat yourself girl moment! Honestly the power of a good set of underwear is unreal! It really works for me, seeing your body in a different way, treating the parts of you, that you may not love all of the time.

Take a bit of time to give yourself some self love this Sunday. This set was the biggest reminder not to be so hard on myself. So if you’d like to try the beautiful Flirtelle Viola, I’ve linked her below. So tell me, how do you turn the self doubt around? What is your pick me up on those ‘bad body days’ – what uplifts you? Let me know how you stay positive, how you stay full of self love. Also have you tried Flirtelle yet from Brastop? Let me know what you think! X

Flirtelle Viola Bra

Flirtelle Viola Brief

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