That Friction Free Feeling!

I don’t know about you babes, but during winter I’m not going to lie, I hardly shave my legs. They get covered with tights, and they get next to no TLC. Some call it lazy. I call it survival. The cold weather, we all need an extra layer don’t we? And let’s be honest the worst thing in the world is far from hairy legs, it’s natural for goodness sake!

But about a month ago I started following ‘Friction Free Shaving’ on instagram. A shaving company that delivers new razor heads to your door every month for a monthly fee. They also claimed to be friction free and the first ever metal razor for women. I was interested to find out more, so I kept following, kept reading reviews and seeing what they had to offer.

So as Spring dawns and I start to show off a little more leg, I love a good shave. That fresh feeling, legs shaved, legs out, skirt on! So a few weeks ago I entered a competition on ‘Friction Free Shaving’s’ Instagram and I won! I never win anything so I was stupidly excited to win a silver razor, engraved with my initials.

When it arrived it came in the cutest little postage box, perfect letter box fitting, so I didn’t have to be home when it arrived! It came with four razor heads, one for each week of the month.

Why are you only hearing it about it now? Well I like to try a product to it’s full capacity before I write about it so as I dispose of my last head in the pack, here’s what I thought!

I’ve always had sensitive skin, anything from a new moisturiser, body wash, to different washing powder can set a bobbly rash off. Attractive I know. But it also means that usually with razors I have to be careful, I hunt to find the ones suitable for sensitive skin. So I was a little apprehensive to say the least in trying this new one. But I was soon pleasantly surprised, I used it effortlessly, no cuts, and no rash! It has a vitamin E strip and six stainless blades that glide across the skin and is perfect for a bikini area trim. Honestly it made such a difference not having to worry about the itchiness, the soreness and the redness. My legs felt good.

Finding a gem of a product that you can love and trust makes such a difference, I’ll definitely be ordering my refill heads this week. At just nine pound a month with currently free delivery on everything, it’s a real bargain. ‘Friction Free Shaving’ also offer a range of shaving cream, and pre-shave scrub that are all cruelty free, and full of natural cooling ingredients such as coconut and almond milk.

This is now a must have product in my beauty regime. I’m not going to lie I’ll still have my hairy leg moments but for when I need to treat my legs to a freshen up I know where to go! As always I’ve linked the product below if you like to check it out. Let me know what you think, have you found your ‘Friction Free Shave?’

Friction Free Shaving

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