Four day weekend. Three nights. Three outfits with Pink Clove.

It’s a four day weekend, and honestly after the past few weeks I have needed it. And not to mention, it’s not just any bank holiday weekend, it’s Easter! A holiday that’s celebrated by sharing chocolate eggs, I couldn’t think of anything better. This four day weekend also means there’s the potential for three nights out… or three nights in (this option is usually me!) So tonight I thought I’d show you three very different bank holiday ‘out-out’ outfits that I was very kindly gifted from the babes at Pink Clove.

First up a very daring jumpsuit, the Alexandra plunge jumpsuit to be exact, but daring, why? Because I do not have a bra that caters for this style so therefore opted for bra-less! Saggy boobs all out, and it was so freeing, I felt like a comfy queen. So the jumpsuit? It was a little long in the leg but when paired with some killer heels was perfect! The material is thick enough not to have to worry about nips pointing through if you did opt for no bra, and it was actually incredibly soft against my skin. I received mine in a size 18 and it was very true to size. Look one, I was sold. Perfect for dinner then cocktails or for an evening that needed a little more glamour.

Secondly florals for Spring? Groundbreaking. It’s me though, and if you know my style by now you’ll know how much I love a floral! My only wish? That this dress was a tiny bit longer and had a longer tie, to perfect that wrapped look. The Liana dress was also gifted in a size 18 and the overall fit was pretty good. For this look I opted for a plunge bra underneath as it wasn’t as supportive daring bra-less, as the jumpsuit. This is definitely a dress that I will love all summer. Throw a t-shirt underneath to make casual or keep it as it is for a night out. Paired with some bright earrings and my go to heels though, it’s a perfect floral for Easter dancing!

Last but certainly not least, animal print is going no where and I love it! I’m usually a leopard print lover but this zebra print had me sold. Another wrap style and so comfortable. One of my worries being that it was white, was seeing everything underneath, but actually the material is thick enough to hide all! Paired with my zebra print earrings this is definitely a look that will turn heads. All the inspiration in one outfit for, dare I say it… A wild night out! This dress I also received in a size 18 and again very true to size.

So there we have it, my round up of three very different looks for you bank holiday bells! Although these items were gifted to me, all of the opinions are my own. If you would like to take a peek at what bank holiday offers Pink Clove has lined up for you, take a look below! I’ve also as always linked each item below. What are your plans this weekend? Typically I’m staying in every night! But let me know what you’re all up to, I’d love to hear 💕

Pink Clove Liana Floral Dress

Pink Clove Alexandra Jumpsuit

Pink Clove Kalani Zebra Print Dress

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