The fitting room featuring Yours Clothing. Summer styling.

So a couple of blog posts ago I talked about a new feature I was thinking of adding to my blog. Recently the reality is I just can’t afford the hauls, and the reality is the shipping of hauls back and forth just isn’t sustainable and it’s not great for the environment at all.

So here is the first edition of The fitting room featuring! And today the fitting room is featuring Yours Clothing UK. So let’s talk about it, the one thing most women hate about clothes shopping. The dreaded fitting room, I want to turn it around, find the shops where the fitting rooms are fun and mini fitting room hauls are something we can all do.

Today’s edition, summer styling. I had a good browse around the shop, a good 20 minutes to be precise and found so many goodies! Sometimes I worry with Yours that you can’t find the thing you’re looking for quite so easily, I don’t know about you but I always find the hidden gems right at the back of the rails. For example outfit number one!

This denim pinafore dress was right at the back of the rail and it was such a winner. I paired it with this gorgeous yellow floral top, for a summer look that was perfect for day to day and out and about. Paired with a cheeky pair of trainers this would be great for the school run, and even suitable for work. The denim is a really good quality, and nice and thick, with a good A-line cut, so it doesn’t cling too tight. I picked this one up in a size 18 and the floral top also an 18. I honestly had to stop myself buying this look as I fell so in love with it.

Second look here it is! Just the top, sized up to a size 20 the perfect summer dress for 5ft6 me! I love Yours but I can’t be the only one who finds their tops just a little bit long if you’re on the shorter side? So styled with a cute bag and heels a perfect date night dress. One top two looks!

Next up shorts that didn’t give me a camel toe! I love high waist shorts, but they always some how cling to my nether-regions. But these fit lovely at the waist, elasticated, and nice and baggy elsewhere, very airy for hot days. I love the floral print and the grey is gorgeous. I paired this with a white linen top, also really lightweight but also a little long, so a simple, on trend, front knot would sort it. A lovely cut on the top of you wanted to be a little more reserved. Both of these a size 18 and a really good true to size fit!

Last but definitely not least, perfect for the beach. Palm leaf dress, burnt orange with pockets! When I first tried it on I loved the feel but for me personally, I wanted it to be a little more figure hugging so I simply added a tan belt. However on the bloated days or the days where you just want the baggy dress, it’s perfect as it is. This dress is also a size 18 and true to size, this was a quick favourite and had to try hard not to take it home!

One thing I found really refreshing about this fitting room try on was I found my size on the shelf straight away. And knowing that if I wanted to, I could size up easily and it would be in store. As a plus size woman I’m very aware that the largest size most high street stores cater for is a size 18, and being the lower end of plus size I realise how lucky I am to even be able to browse in most shops. So this try on, a breath of fresh air for the plus size babe.

So there we have it, a few Summer styles from Yours. As always I will link all the items below. So what do we think? The fitting room featuring, a new blog edition I should keep? I really enjoyed it so will keep bringing them to the table, but I would love to know what you think, more fitting room stories? Let me know in the comments! X

Yours denim pinafore dress.

Yours Yellow Bardot top.

Yours Palm print dress.

Yours white crochet blouse.

Yours tropical shorts.

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