Happy Birthday Curvy Kate!

So you may have seen a couple of weeks ago, I took the two in the morning, trip up to London, for an exciting day out. But it was more than that, it was getting my kit off, getting in some gorgeous Curvy Kate underwear, and strutting my stuff on an open top bus around London’s favourite landmarks! Crazy right? Although the craziest part was it tipped it down with rain for some time! But nothing could stop us babes, it was windy it was cold but we were loving life! Raincoats on, umbrellas up, nothing could dampen our spirits!

So with all the birthday fun, tonight I thought I’d look back on where my journey with Curvy Kate began. In 2016 I entered their ‘Star in a Bra’ contest. I didn’t have an ounce of the confidence I have now and if I’m honest I felt like a fish out of water. I was shy, extremely anxious and feeling not very good about my body. That day honestly opened my eyes to a whole new world. I know it sounds cliche but I really do mean it. But what did Curvy Kate teach me? That confidence isn’t a size. Confidence comes from within, from letting go of the insecurities, and just being you. And from that day I’ve tried to remember that every moment since.

Curvy Kate opened up my eyes to the world of fuller busted bras! The pretty ones, the padded ones, the sexy ones too! And the importance of a really good fit. They also showed me the world of blogging, and how I could start my journey to body confidence and share it with others. They showed me the support network of the blogging and instagramming community. And that’s why I began ‘The Mum Style’ to share my story.

So when I received my invite to join the birthday bus party, I felt so overwhelmed. I honestly felt so grateful and so so excited. In just three years I feel as though I’ve come so so far. Not just with my little blog but with my journey to body confidence. A great set of underwear can really make such a difference. And the thought of going around London in my pants, it didn’t scare me at all.

I felt so excited, maybe a little nervous but most of all I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. That I am marvellous as I am. That my bust looks banging! And honestly it was the most empowering day.

We danced, we played pass the parcel, we ate cake! And we all looked incredible and felt incredible. Curvy Kate not only brought the party, the brought diversity. So many different and gorgeous bodies, so many bubbly and beautiful babes, all there to celebrate loving your curves and being uniquely you!

It was just empowering. And the best bit? I met some of gorgeous babes that social media has brought together, and it was incredible. Making friends for life, who understood my love for posting pictures in my pants and opening up about mental health and anxiety.

My journey with Curvy Kate has come so far and being on that bus, I didn’t want that feeling to stop. So thank you Curvy Kate, for not only supporting my boobs, but supporting me in so many other ways. So did you manage to spot the birthday bus? The set I wore was the Curvy Kate Victory in Black, very kindly gifted by the babes at Curvy Kate. I also have this set in burgundy and it’s the most comfiest set I own with the best support. If you’d like to check it out I’ve linked the set below. Like I said a banging set of underwear can really make your day. Happy Birthday Curvy Kate, here’s to another 10 years!

Curvy Kate Victory

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