If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in The Cosy Club!

Mojito or prosecco, Pina Colada or a gin fizz, you name it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy a cheeky glass of it. Cocktail or mocktail, soda or sangria, whether its a girls night or date night there’s one place I will go time after time in Taunton, for a wind down and a catch up, and that is The Cosy Club.

And a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to join a bloggers cocktail masterclass at our local Cosy Club. I wanted to write this blog sooner but as you may have seen from Instagram, we’ve been a little kitten busy!

So, I’ve been many a time to Taunton’s Cosy Club, for tapas, superfood salads and for delicious cocktails and mocktails. But a masterclass on how to make my favourites? This was going to be a treat!

So when I was invited I couldn’t wait to attend. I invited my lovely friend Tara to be my plus one, and so off we went, after work for a midweek treat at The Cosy Club. The event was being held down stairs in ‘The Den’ a private room with a lot of space, a private bar and the most instagramable decor.

I love the overall vibe of The Cosy Club, the interiors, the lighting, the music. All so inviting, all so relaxing. So we started the evening off with a cheeky arrival drink, my favourite, a little bit of fizz! But with a twist, and a magical glitter touch. It was delightful. As the other lovely bloggers arrived, our charming bar tender for the night, Rhys, made sure nothing was too much trouble! From answering all questions, to making sure we were all okay and giving us his history with The Cosy Club and his love of hosting masterclasses! So the challenging part for him? Making us all into professional cocktail makers in the space of two hours. Did he succeed? Well…

We all took it in turns creating masterpieces starting with the shaken not stirred Pina Colada full of flavour and actually vegan! Using a coconut cream and a lot of shaking power, to create a frothy finish. Topped off with the classic cherry on top, they were delicious! Next we created my actual favourite cocktail, the Mojito. Full of zesty lime, spicy rum and finished with a clap of mint! A clap? Rhys taught us how clapping the mint actually releases the flavour and the aroma. And my goodness it was good! For this one I made Tara a mocktail version and honestly it was just as delicious, so full of flavour and so beautifully presented.

As the night mingled on we chatted, we laughed and we noticed what looked like plastic straws, which we began to question. However Rhys soon pointed out on the back of the drinks menu that the straws are actually made from a natural starch, meaning they are biodegradable, which was great to hear. As the sipping of drinks carried on we were soon ready to be seated for a delicious array of tapas.

There were plenty of vegan and gluten free options available with a cheeky red flag notifying us of which ones they were. The hosts for the night were also really informative. Being lactose intolerant can sometimes make eating out a little difficult, but the knowledge of the ingredients that the hosts had were amazing. And they told me with confidence what I could and couldn’t have. Which was great as usually I’d have played it safe and stuck to just the vegan options. I can safely say I will be returning just for the homemade scotch egg, with a crispy outside and a runny yolk, they were unreal!

It was a really lovely evening and as the night drew to a close I can honestly say it was such a ‘cosy’ night. After telling all the other girls at work how much fun we had I think another one will definitely be on the cards!

At just £29.95 per person for a cocktail masterclass with a selection of three cocktails, or just £39.95 to have the cocktails and a tapas selection we’ll definitely be back for more fun! I love that for the masterclasses you can have the whole den to your party and keep that small group intamacy with only a six people minimum booking.

I feel it’s an activity most will enjoy, even if you’re all designated drivers and opt for a mocktail masterclass! The den is also a great room for parties and private events, used often for birthday parties and even corporate meetings.

I will be returning to The Cosy Club very soon for a cheeky Friday night tapas date night, it’s one of our favourites locally! Have you tried The Cosy Club? Are you local to Taunton and looking for something a little more cosy? I’ve linked the Cosy Clubs main page and booking page below if you’d like to take a look and maybe even book a cheeky tapas table too! Will you be drinking Pina Coladas and getting caught in The Cosy Club…

Book your spot at The Cosy Club!

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