Time for a chop and change!

The hair cut. I’ve talked about it before on here how much I procrastinate with the dreaded mop chop. In fact the last time I had my locks cut was back in October when, chop chop, 12 inches came off! And I donated my hair to the wonderful charity, ‘The little princess trust’.

Since October have I been to a salon? Nope. Have I cut at home? Definitely not! So when the lovely Cameron from Nichares hair salon in Taunton contacted me to say he’d love to treat my hair to a cheeky cut and colour I was thrilled, all be it a little nervous!

I’d glanced over their Instagram and Facebook and saw the magic they created, and all the nerves blew away. I met up with Cameron before hand for a consultation, to go over what I wanted, and what he thought would work, as well for that all important patch test for dying. I felt so at ease it was so wonderful, and that’s when the excitement kicked in!

I knew I had an event in London the following weekend so Cameron managed to fit me in on a busy Saturday afternoon. I arrived and was welcomed with choice of beverage, I opted for water as it was a scorcher of a day in Taunton! Next he talked me through the colour and the process, he was going to apply a free hand balayage technique, the traditional way as the French intended.

So much time, precision and talent was applied to my hair, ensuring a natural overall look. Once Cameron had finished applying the lightener, it was time to wait and have a scroll on insta, a good chat with the team and after some me time it was ready to rinse. After the excess from the highlights were rinsed out it was time for the toner, just to soften the colour. With head in the basin for twenty minutes I had the most delightful back massage from the special massage chairs they have there. No crooked neck pain as they lay you right back and you can relax.

Next another rinse and a wonderful head massage from the lovely Cameron. Ultimate relaxation. Next, after a quick blow dry, the bit I was most anxious about, the cut! A little trim and re-shape was actually just what I needed and perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn. I love how so little was taken off but my hair instantly looked healthier. A quick style with some curling tongs and my locks were looking fabulous!

After a few pictures for the gram, with the most instagrammable wallpaper behind, I was done. My hair felt amazing. There’s always that moment when the stylist always asks do you like it, and every time I say ‘Oh yeah I like it…’ just to be polite. When secretly I want to cry. But this time I had none of that, I genuinely felt amazing. Honestly I’ve never had a hair cut with so much attention to detail and care. I’ve been yet to find a salon to stick to where I feel at ease booking and going in for the afternoon but now Nichares will be my go to. The team were all so lovely and friendly and so down to earth. And you could really tell how much they loved engaging with each and every customer. This time I’ll be good and actually stick to what the stylist says, and although this visit was complimentary, I will be back in 8-12 weeks for a trim as I’m trying to grow my hair long again.

I walked out of Nichares feeling incredible, full of sass and ready to take on the weekend. Nichares caters for a wide range of customers, from children, to the more mature lady and even men’s cuts. They also have a nail technician for if you want the ultimate pamper! Are you Taunton or Somerset based and still looking for a salon or stylist that you want to return to, again and again? Then I’ve linked Nichares Instagram, Facebook and website below, where you can find all the information you need to book your own transformation. So for now, I’m going to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine with my lovely new locks.

Nichares Instagram

Nichares Facebook

Nichares website.

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