Push up perfection in Wonderbra

Bras, brassieres, over the shoulder boulder holders, what ever you like to call them I’ve reviewed a few, and I love them! So what are we looking for in a bra? Comfort, support, shape? Or something a little more va va voom? Are we looking for that push up perfection? That cleavage booster? That set that makes you want to dance around in your pants all day, but also slay all day, as no one knows what’s underneath? Every bra I believe has a different occasion and a different use. Going out? Deep plunge, or something a little saucy! Comfort day to day? A good t-shirt bra or sheer full cup. But what about something a little more fancy? Well I think I may have just found that set.

I thought I’d bring you something new to the blog tonight, a brand that I’ve actually never tried before! And a style that I don’t think I’ve ever tried, along with a different size range that I’m used to.

This brand actually is a fuller bust brand but not in terms of plus size bras. I’m actually the biggest size in its range, so if you’re in the size bracket of a 30DD to a 38G keep reading, and for my other babes bigger than a 38G there’ll be something for you again soon on the blog I promise!

So let’s introduce her! It’s the Wonderbra refined glamour balconette bra gifted from the babes at Wonderbra. And it doesn’t lie, glamorous and pretty wonderful. Let’s talk about the most obvious point of this bra, that shelf lift. My goodness that is a lift. Push up perfection and for someone who’s boobs have been pulled by gravity and breastfeeding, it has worked wonders!

The style, I love a balconette. Personally I’ve never had one so padded, it’s got quite a firm shape to it. It obviously makes the girls look unreal but personally for me it’s not a bra I’d wear for a trip to the park running after little one! I had to sister size for this one, usually I’m a 36H but as this only goes to a G cup I opted for my sister size, a 38G. The cups fitted great but the back was a little loose, and I do like thicker straps for extra support.

The briefs were also a little smaller due to the size range. As this style only offers briefs up to a size XL which works out as an 18, where as usually I’d size up to a 20 for comfort. However due to coverage on the brief I styled them in a high rise style for comfort. Although you could wear them lower for a shorts brief look.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality, the over all fit and the beautiful style of this set. For a night out or a saucy night in this set definitely made me feel glamorous as the name!

Wonderbra are stocked at so many stores online, but I’ve linked it to one of my favourites – Figleaves. The link is below if you like to treat yourself or just have a browse.

Will you be feeling glamorous in Wonderbra? Have you tried Wonderbra yet? What do you think? I’d love to know in the comments!

Wonderbra refined glamour balconette bra.

Wonderbra refined glamour shorty.

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