Wake me up when September ends.

September, you’ve been a funny old month haven’t you? I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel it’s been a month of uncertainty, a month full of reflection and if I’m honest, exhaustion and emotions. It’s felt long but at the same time I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s flown by.

Most people feel as though September is a fresh start for new beginnings, it is the January of fashion after all! And for us it was. Parker started school, and it was a big move. A new school year is a massive step at any age but starting school and leaving the comfort of nursery and the staff we were so close to, it was hard. Having a child starting school at any time is hard, let alone having a child with an invisible illness. There’s so many things you want the school to get right and then there’s the worry over medications, the being careful for coughs and colds. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my anxiety has been through the roof. But as September draws to a close I feel a weight has been lifted. He’s settled in so wonderfully, made so many close friends. It’s like he’s been there forever and the school have also been so wonderful.

September has been a month of reflection for me. I wanted to achieve so much this year, and although I feel I have in some areas I wish I’d have pushed myself harder to focus on others, and really focus on me, and stick to my goals. Especially with my blog. I love writing and sometimes I wish I could write full time, but it’s not a reality. I just wish I’d put myself first, take the time once a week to focus on writing. See it as a pleasure, not a pressure. My stats, my readers they grow each year! I’m so very blessed that this hobby is blossoming, I just sometimes compare. I compare myself to other bloggers, to other people on social media, it’s difficult not to focus on the numbers. And although I’m growing sometimes I wonder whether I am quick enough? Whether it’s worth it? Whether I’m actually benefitting anyone by writing and by telling my opinions and stories. But then I remember why I started this blog. For me. As my own diary as my own hobby. So as long as I’m confident and happy with each piece, it shouldn’t matter.

And let’s talk about Septembers weather? What on Earth is up with that?!? Coat on, hoods up tipping it down and by lunch it’s time to get the sandals back on! I’ve loved summer, although not having a proper summer holiday away has made it feel a little strange. Not having a full week off work makes it feel like summer was a little long, but we had so many lovely long weekends away, memories made and happy times. And if I’m honest this bit in between Summer and proper Autumn is not my cup of tea. You can’t get in a bikini, but you can’t wrap up and sing Christmas carols? So if I’m honest I’m just so ready to wake up with that chill in the air. Putting the boots and scarf on and just wrapping up for the day.

So how am I turning this month around? We’ve got two days left and I’ve decided to focus on my goals. Try and let go of the negatives, focus on what went so well this month. And focus on the things I want to achieve by the end of this year. Firstly, I want to move more, more long walks, more running. I started running again Friday and it felt so empowering. It was so good and I really have missed it. Finally saying no to the anxiety that’s been holding me back has been amazing. I want to write more, I mentioned months ago about ‘The fitting room featuring’ blogs and I loved writing it! And I really wanted to make more, coats, jeans, even skirts or boots featuring! I want to talk more about what I’m loving on our local high street right now. Also sustainable fashion, I feel it’s definitely not just a ‘trend’ it’s something we all need to be conscious of. So I want to focus on items that are perfect for all year round, year after year. That are timeless.

It may be September but I also want to start something new, it’s never too late for fresh starts is it? From October we’re hoping to start Parker in swimming lessons, he’s a little fish in water and I really want him to build his skills up! And with Paul having rugby, I really want a new hobby, a new once a week activity, as well as running. And actually I’ve been really interested in Zumba! There’s a local class that runs once a week but I’m a little anxious? I don’t actually know anyone who goes and I’ve never tried it. But I’d love to! Do you Zumba? Or have you tried it? Please let me know I’d love to know what you think!

So as we draw to the last chapter of this year, I want to turn it around. Let’s say goodbye to September and start October off full of positivity, full of goals and full of new adventures. I hope me rambling on in this blog actually makes sense, and if September also hasn’t been for you know October is just on the horizon. Also October has Halloween and I think most of you know just how much I love a pumpkin patch! 2019 will be my year, I just need to remember that all trees blossom just not all at the same time.

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