The Ultimate run support.

This week was a pretty good week, pretty productive, a bit like any other week but also for me it was a week of personal achievement. Achievement? In what way? Well she did it! She only went and took herself for a run didn’t she? Yep that she, that’s me! After months and months of battling with my anxiety after being fat shamed running in my local area last year, I said no more. And I ran. Not a care in the world just one foot, two foot off she goes! And honestly it was the biggest weight off my shoulders. I’ve been holding on to the anxiety of running for long, the worry someone will stare, laugh, or like last time shout abuse at me. But not this time, nothing. No one cared that this wobbly babe was trying her best to run a mile. The feeling of your heart pumping, the wind through your hair, the self motivational talks in your head to keep going. This I missed. But I am no longer all the gear and no idea, this girl now has an idea. And she has new gear.

A few months ago I was very kindly gifted the ultimate run bra from Shock absorber UK, however due to my lack of running I haven’t written a review. How can I review something that I haven’t put to the test? So after a good couple of runs she’s ready to be talked about.

When it comes to fuller bust support in the sports bra department, it needs to be 100%. With a sports bra there’s no give or take on performance to hold or fit I think. For full potential everything needs to sit right. And this did not disappoint.

So first off the support and structure. Let’s talk about how this one differs to most sports bras I’ve ever tried. So firstly I love the low clasp back, it gives a really good shape and looks good with all the gear. What I really love about the bra is that there’s a hook adjustment for the straps rather than your typical slider, giving you extra lift, more comfort and great support when you clasp together the J hook. The bra is non-padded but the fabric is really quite thick, no nips on show and very firm, but comfortable on skin.

I received mine in the winter blue/cranberry splash colour, which I love! But it’s also available in a summer blue, white or black. The size range for this bra is also pretty good from a 30A-38G however it would be great if this could be expanded in the future as the support really is there. If you’ve got more of a fuller bust you could choose to sister size. For this, I sister sized to 38G (usual size a 36H) I do usually find Shock absorber tend to run a little small on the back with me, so I’m glad I upped the band size. The fit was really good, giving a lovely shape.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the bounce resistance and the overall structure and support of this bra. With minimal movement whist taking on a long run. Also with the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric it makes it durable as well as great for long sweaty runs! And the best part? It’s machine washable! No more hand washing and waiting days to dry. So you can keep running as much as you please.

Currently this bra is available from many retailers including Debenhams, Bravissimo and Figleaves. I’ve popped the link below if you’d like to purchase from Figleaves.

Shock Absorber Ultimate run bra

What’s your go to gear for running? Have you taken up a run challenge this year, if so I’d love to know how you’re getting on! Let me know in the comments x

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