‘These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do!’

It’s officially Autumn, and I know I’ve said it way over a hundred times, but I just can’t get over how much I love this season, and it’s true. I really do! Especially this year, I’m very much enjoying getting the wellies on, big coats on and heading out for the longest muddy walks. I mean wellies are the best! But what about for day to day? For popping to town in a rainy shower? Well my good old George at Asda boots from last year, they’ve finally said enough, and are now in boots heaven with a few holes and scuffs in them.

So Ive been on the boots hunt. Keeping my eye out for the perfect pair, and this week I wanted to focus on the high street. Every year we hear the talk about the high street dying as online shopping takes over. So I thought I’d head to some of my favourites on the Taunton high street. Also just to add there are so SO many more places that stock boots than what I’ve mentioned below. But I’m just going to mention where I found my favourites! And with that I thought I’d share with you what I found along the way, incase you love them just as much I do! So here it is my Autumn edit – on boots.

First stop, the mother of all high quality shoes and boots – Marks and Spencer. In here I found so many that I just wanted to take home. The quality and comfort was so dreamy. The first pair I found were a pair of block heel Chelsea boots in a gorgeous wine colour. The fit was lovely, the heel not too high, and they were also available in wide fit if needed. These came in a bit over my budget at currently £59.00. But I’ve heard with M&S you definitely pay for quality that lasts, so you could see them as an investment.

Marks and Spencer block heel Chelsea boot.

Another favourite from Marks and Spencer were the cutest mustard pair! I love mustard, it’s still very much on trend and adds that pop of colour to any outfit. It’s funny because I used to be so scared to brave embracing yellow, but now I just go for it! These are made from a vegan friendly material with a similar texture to suede. I tend to avoid suede though as I find it can ruin so quickly. These did come in at just £35.00 which for M&S quality is a definite bargain!

Marks and Spencer Mustard block heel boots.

Next I headed to one of my favourites in Taunton, New Look. They always have such a good range in our local store so I expected to pick up a pair there. First up from New Look a trend I’m really into to. Snake print! I love it, especially the greys and black tones, perfect with any outfit. And this pair were perfect with a chunky block heel, pointed and also a waterproof material. These were just £29.99 in store. And I was tempted.

New Look Snake print boots

The next pair I fell head over heels for in New Look were these simple black small heel boots. A leather look with what’s described as crocodile panel at the back. Super comfy and an on trend buckle. For me these were a little too low on the heel, but if you’re after ultimate comfort these are for you. And at just £27.99 they won’t break the bank and as you can see from the image they also come in this gorgeous burgundy colour.

New Look leather look crocodile panel boot

After not quite finding the perfect pair in New Look I headed to my next favourite shop at the moment. Matalan. I love Matalan currently, there’s so many on trend, fashion forward options with so many bargain prices! So first up another snake print boot. A lighter version with a short heel, I looked at these for so long and actually tried them on twice. If I get any more Matalan discount vouchers soon I may go back for them. Super comfy and again right on trend. At just £20.00 you really can’t go wrong with this statement pair.

Matalan Snake print boots

The next pair I found in Matalan were a classic. Black leather look, block heel and a simple stud detail. Also a pointed toe, I am really feeling the pointed toe trend this season. Also a classic and again, perfect with any outfit. Whether it be for work wear or for weekend coffees, stylish and a real classic. And also another bargain from Matalan at just £25.00

Matalan pointed toe black block heel boot.

The last and by far the not least pair that I fell in love with were these. A beautiful pair and so stylish with a tortoise shell heel for a pop of colour and print. Again another boot that is perfect for any occasion. I can’t find this pair online and I wonder if it’s because they’ve sold out so quickly! At just £25.00 again a real bargain for such an in style boot. And the pair that I decided to take home! They are perfect, and if you’d like them too, I think it’ll be a search in store trip!

So there you have it! My personal favourites on the high street currently. I’ve linked all the boots below their pictures apart from the pair I took home as I can’t find them online! Are you in search for the perfect pair of Autumn boots? Will you be heading to your local high street or will you be searching online? Let me know below! X

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