A new year, a new chapter, more self care.

A new year, a new chapter, a new decade. It’s a bit of a big one isn’t it? Or is it? Isn’t it just another day? However you look at it, it’s still going to take some time getting used to writing 2020 everyday! Every year I love to set new goals, new challenges that I’d love to complete by the end of the year. But this year I’m not putting so much pressure on myself. This year I want to make realistic goals, that focuses more on my mind, my happiness, my self care. Last year I did dry January and the set out to be some sort of yoga expert. The reality was I hated yoga by week three, it really wasn’t for me. And although dry January went well, I still managed to sink a couple of bottles of wine when February came along. Not the best move!

So this year. I really thought about this. If I set more realistic goals am I more likely to achieve them? Focus on doing more of what I love. Set goals that I already do occasionally but make them more permanent. And focusing more on what I need, and sometimes not what I want. Learning to say no to doing too much, but saying yes to living in the moment more. 

So goal one. Dry January, I always love to do this at the start of a new year. After all the prosecco’s at Christmas and far too many cheeky G&T’s I think it’s good to have a break from alcohol. I always feel so refreshed starting February after a dry January. And I feel it makes me more hydrated, I tend to drink a lot more water. But I don’t want this to stop at January this year. I don’t need alcohol, and this is something I want to be more mindful of. Yes that Friday night glass is nice, but not the whole bottle. I think this is definitely a realistic goal I can stick to.

Secondly Veganuary. I’ve been dairy free for the past two years due to an intolerance anyway, so for me it feels like going vegetarian without the eggs. I’m on day four and it feels surprisingly easy. I think I didn’t realise how many vegan meals we eat as a family anyway. The boys aren’t changing their meat consumption and that’s fine, it’s their body their choice. This is just a new lifestyle that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. If Veganuary goes well, and fits in with our weekly food shop budget then this is definitely a choice I will really think about changing long term. And no this is not a new year new diet. This is me thinking about my impact on the environment and me taking a small step to care more about animals, my love for a chicken is unconditional. Growing up with chickens meant they’ve always had a place in my heart. And I actually love the animal, more than I would miss consuming meat. For me it’s been an easy switch, and one I will hopefully try to keep. I mean vegan galaxy already has my heart!

Lastly my third goal. Self care. Self belief and taking time for me, easier said than done. Every year I say I’m going to blog more (I’m coming up to three years blogging!) and I always start off well but this year I’m making sure I plan, prepare and take the time out. Just a couple of hours a week. To take myself to a coffee shop, to a different room. To focus on writing, to focus on talking about what I love. Body confidence, fashion, mum life and of course lingerie. This year I also really want to focus on writing about places I love to go and visit, and more importantly – eat at! Taunton and Somerset in general has so much variety and choice and I’d love to take more time to talk about local businesses that I love and visit so often. 

My blog is currently my hobby. And every year I think about what it would be like to write for a living, it would be a dream. But right now that is all it is, a dream. This year I want to focus my energy on making my dream a reality. Maybe doing some vlogs or videos along side, for my social channels. Maybe not a YouTube channel right away, I honestly don’t think I’d have the time! But I think outfit videos and try ons are definitely something I want to do more of, as well as videos from the fitting room. Last year my try on fitting room blogs were a huge hit and I want to make sure I’m writing about what you all love as well as what I’m passionate about. 

And taking time for my mental health, taking more time to read, to run, to laugh to learn, to explore to travel. All things that make the soul and mind happy. All things that take some of the pressures of life off. Getting an early night, feeling refreshed and less stressed everyday. All small things that can make such a massive difference to my mind.

I definitely believe New Years resolutions or goals can be good. And I always like to use January to rejuiuvinate, to regather and to plan for the rest of the year. January is the blank page. Ready to be written, the start of a new chapter. So there we have it! I’m hoping that this year by setting smaller and more realistic goals that I will be able to keep them. And it’s so refreshing to say that for the second year my resolution has not been to loose weight or diet, and it feels wonderful not to have the pressure. And To be able to say most days I’m at peace with my body. It’s pretty great, so it’s a New Year, Same me, sort of. Will you be setting any new goals this year? Here’s to another year of The Mum Style. Another year of blogging, focusing on me and another year of self love x 

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