My obsession for earrings grows as I discover Kara Creations.

Let’s talk jewellery. I’ve always been a magpie when it comes to it, the shinier the better, the brighter the better, it finishes off every outfit perfectly. And my obsession? Earrings. Tassels, hoops the lot! I’m in love with all the colours, textures and prints. I have a pair for every outfit!

So when the lovely Kathryn from Kara Creations reached out to me and asked if I’d like to receive some of her products to review I couldn’t wait to say yes! Supporting small and local businesses is something that means a lot to me. When you buy and share the love to a small business you are directly paying In and supporting a person, a team, to a dream. We all start somewhere and I feel so lucky to have been gifted a beautiful range of earrings from Kara creations to share with you all.

A little more about Kara creations? Kara creations was created by Kathryn and Rachel, two sisters from Pembrokeshire, Wales. As a matter of fact where I grew up! The passion began when Rachel was involved in a car accident and broke her ankle, whilst on recovery she self taught to crochet from YouTube. She created her first blanket and that’s where the dream began. Her sister Kathryn then started to make jewellery with her, spending time together as sisters, whilst Rachel was pretty much house bound. The business has blossomed and they’ve had such an amazing response to their beautifully handmade jewellery and blankets, and you’ll see why below!

First up these stud resin earrings, handmade using UV resin and all the glitters and sequins! The girls at Kara creations make these using moulds with stainless steel backs. These are such great value and range between £4-£5 per set, which is such an amazing price for these handmade beauties! My favourite are these square sequin ones, all the retro vibes and bright colours! Although the other colours are perfect for so many outfits and are a perfect finishing touch if you want an earring that’s more subtle. When Parker was little I lived in stud earrings as dangly earrings and little ones just didn’t go well together! So if you’re looking for something colourful but really good for day to day mum life, or just a more casual look these are for you.

Second up are these gorgeous pendant earrings. Silver plated, and available in so many different styles! I was sent the cutest cat shaped ones, you all know how much I love my fur babies! And as you can see Gizmo was interested too! And secondly these stunning geometric triangle ones, these are great as geometrics are still so on trend and perfect for adding some edge and sass to an outfit. I also love the blue colour stone. So beautiful and really comfortable to wear if you’re looking for something a little more glitzy and also a really great price, at just £3.50 a pair!

Last up my favourites out of them all, these gorgeous pendant tassel style earrings! Also a massive bargain at just £3.50 a pair. And they come in so many different colours they’re just fab for any occasion! As summer approaches I definitely love to add so many pops of colour to my jewellery and my wardrobe and these are perfect for that! I’ve paired the blue set with my gorgeous blue headband and I plan on doing the same with these gorgeous baby pink ones, but with my pink coat.

Kara creations are also just starting out on these gorgeous velvet crochet scrunchies. These are not only great for popping your hair up before a run but are also great for little ones! This is a business that is going to grow and grow, the creative passion you can tell these sisters have together mean I’m sure their business will blossom beautifully.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to some handmade jewellery or crochet items then these girls are the ones for you. You can purchase and browse their products either through Depop or through their Facebook or instagram, just drop them a message, and shop via PayPal. All links are below. Supporting small businesses is something that I think is so important. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and what Kara creations has is something really lovely for any occasion. So tell me, out of them all, which earrings are you’re favourite? X

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