Pancake Pro? Let’s say No…

What’s that phrase again? Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Well in this case straight into the food waste bin. Okay, okay so it wasn’t ALL that bad…but let’s say I was ready to bin the frying pan by the end of it! Pancake day, a day that I always took for granted, that was always so easy when I wasn’t lactose intolerant, I would buy those pancake shakers, the ones where you add milk and then just like that – pancake pro. And even last year I did home made following a recipe carefully, but just using a milk alternative. Still perfection. But vegan pancakes? I think I’ve met my match this time.

First up the recipe. Where to start? I thought for this one yes babe, let’s do it for the blog! Let’s inspire my fellow vegans and all the pancake lovers to try something new, to whip up not one, not two, but three different vegan pancake recipes. I thought I could rate them, which ones were top dog. But hilariously I gave up after recipe number two…It was late, I was done for, and the food waste was looking pretty full. Not the vegan attitude I aspire to follow. But that’s life, we make mistakes don’t we! And mine was attempting to make pancakes for the sake of this blog! Have you noticed it’s my first year writing a pancake day blog? You’ll also notice it’s definitely my last pancake day blog! 

Let’s start from the beginning. At the start of this year I bought Ferne Cottons recipe book ‘Happy Vegan’ when I chose to make the lifestyle switch to become vegan. I was browsing through recipes to feature here and I found this one. Ferne knows what she’s doing I thought? I mean she’s written a book! Well Ferne I can say this recipe – success! Although I made a few changes such as not adding flax seeds due to lack of supplies, and switching the rice flour for normal to suit what I already had in the house. It worked pretty well! So what did I use? Well wouldn’t you like to know. I think I was doomed from the start of the pancake making process, when I realised my scales for weighting out ingredients were completely dead. The dial kept moving when it was still and as I kept adding flour, nope not a single ounce was detected! So there I thought that’s it, ready, steady, let’s guesstimate! 

Banana vegan pancakes. What did I use from what I can remember? 1 mashed banana, about 100g of self raising flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder, a dash of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and a good few glugs of almond milk. Then I whisked with a fork in a jug until as smooth as can be, a thick but consistent texture. No idea if that’s how they were supposed to be! Next into the frying pan! It said to place small ladles of mixture into the pan on a low heat and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until you can see bubbles appear. I saw them, I flipped them – with a spatula, not in the air I’m no pro remember! Honestly for me it’s the time taken to watch them, and wait for them that gets to me! It’s one of the most heart racing things in the world. Try to turn too early – a mess. Turn too late – a burnt mess! Somehow and believe me, I have no idea how, these were a success.

The toppings! Always a make or break argument. I was going all out tonight! So first contender, the good old banana and chocolate. Seeming as these were banana pancakes I found it quite fitting to add fresh banana to these and also a drizzle of choc shot! A vegan alternative to chocolate sauce and a great hot chocolate alternative that I have fallen in love with. Time for the taste test. Bloody wonderful. I tell you one thing Ferne cotton knows what she’s doing! This recipe made so many pancakes that I also switched things up and did a batch with strawberries, blueberries and of course maple syrup! My absolute all time favourite pancake toppings. 

Next the disaster. I have no idea where I found the next recipe, obviously google. But by who, I have no idea. All I know was I mixed plain flour, caster sugar, salt and sunflower oil together. From the image online it looked as if it was going to make crepe style pancakes so I got excited. Got the big pan out. And forgot to add oil so it wouldn’t stick. Also conveniently added self raising flor to this when it said plain. The pancake rose, the pancake stuck. The pancake went out of the frying pan and straight into the bin! The food waste bin that is! At this point the pan was going into the bin too. But I thought persist, head back to your faithful and trusted little pan. So I did. And we got there, ever so slowly we got there, finished off with a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of caster sugar. A childhood favourite! But one things for certain, I’m heading to the nearest supermarket after swimming and finding some free from pancakes today, you know the ones you pop in the toaster! Because what I did last night? Nope never again. Nada. I do not have the time or the energy to deal with that again! 

Anyway it’s Pancake Day and let’s enjoy the fun of grabbing them pre-made from the supermarket, or shaking them, or making them, or flipping them and definitely eating them. And today rest assure I’ll be buying pre-made ones! Have you ever had a pancake day disaster? Or do you play it safe and buy ready made? Let me know below! And have a great pancake day! I do love a holiday that celebrates food after all! X

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