And just like that, The Mum Style turns three.

Happy birthday to me! Well not to me. To The Mum Style, to my Mum Style. This week my blog hits three years old. Three years of my own personal journal being open to so many of you, all of my thoughts, my feelings, my best moments and some of the hardest moments, all written down all shared for the world to see. Even in the last year, since my blog turned two, and I wrote about my journey, I think so much has changed.

My attitude to my blog has changed so much, I’ve learnt the value of my words. How much they actually mean to others and most importantly, to me. I once was wrongfully dismissed from a job and the reason behind his choice was one because he said he didn’t like me, but secondly because he said I was too much of an influence, he said people listened to me, they took on what I said, they valued my opinions. At the time I thought it was an insult. That it was the worst thing that anyone could say about me. But after the owner of the company said I did no wrong, and apologised for everything, I started to think about it. Is being an influence the worst thing in the world? Especially when used in such a positive way?

This happened years ago and I’ve definitely taken on board that having people listen to you is a blessing, that you have to believe in your words and also that most importantly to be careful in knowing that what you say matters. That people reading your words and relating, is something that is so valuable. That my words mean something. All I ever want to do here is express my thoughts, my feelings, whether it be through a review or a page from my own life and diary. All I aim to do is talk about down to earth life and spread positivity. All I want to be is someone I can look up to, and if anyone else feels like they’ve taken some positivity or something from here then that is a massive bonus. Reading over my stats from the last year I’m so in awe of how many people take the time to read my words, how many people understand and relate to what I say. To how many of you follow my blog for updates. I honestly feel like it’s all still so surreal.

I’ve thought a lot about my blog name so much over the past year. Do I change it? Does it really show my identity? Who I want to be? And after so much thought I think it’s the most perfect name for my blog still. Although so much has changed in since I created this space and I’ve changed in so many ways, it’s still me. The Mum Style. I’m a mum, and I believe every mum has style. Every person has style. But style? What does it mean? To me it’s how you do things, not just how you dress. But your attitude, your opinions, how you show yourself to the world. And as a mum who is so proud of who she is. It’s perfect for me. This is me. And this is my mum style. The Mum Style.

I know the industry is changing and I do think about how blogging will change. As everyone focuses more on social media, on vlogs, on instant content, I do think, a lot. In the past year I’ve been so blessed to gain thousands more readers, so many more followers here and I do want to up my style, the way I blog, the amount of passion and time I put in. The dream I’ve mentioned previously is to make this my life. To not worry about the Monday to Friday job but for now this is all just a dream, the bills won’t pay themselves after all!

So my plans? I’m going to move with the times. My blog? Will be a main focus, to spend more time writing, creating, reviewing and expressing. To give you more fashion, more local businesses more small businesses. More supporting people. More supporting brands I love. And more supporting and loving me. And for moving with the times? Watch out, The Mum Style will focus more on videos! More outfit of the days, not necessarily hauls, your girl can’t afford that! Let’s be honest. But more chatting, more opening up. I feel such a sense of community through Instagram and my blog and I hope you love our morning insta story chit chats as much as I do!

Something I want to brave into is definitely more on mum blogging. Being a mother is something I’m so proud of. I want to share more, I always worry about who’s watching and reading so much and I worry about how Parker will feel about my blogging one day. But talking more about days out, about day to day motherhood, it’s important to me and I want to share some things I’ve had kept in for a while. I want other mums who may sometimes feel the way I do to be able to relate. Because sometimes as a mum I have no idea if I’m doing it right! Or whether anyone feels the same? So I’d love to chat to you all more about motherhood.

Sometimes I worry about where I fit in, where I am in the world of blogs and instagrams. I’m not your typical mum blogger, photos in my pants, I’m not your typical fashion blogger with insta worthy outfit of the days, most days it’s a photo in my kitchen with bad lighting. But it’s something I’ve learnt. I don’t need to fit into a box to be worthy. I can be who I want, sharing everything, the self love, the pjs and day to day outfits, the family memories, the brunch stories and the good times and the bad. It’s me. I’m Imperfectly, perfectly me.

This space online. It’s my happiest space in the world of social media. Where I feel comfortable to say exactly how I feel. I’ve always been honest on all of my platforms and social media accounts, but blogging, it feels so personal. It feels so raw. This space has helped my confidence, my anxiety and overcoming my fears so much. I feel a sense of community. I have so many friends, so many of you supporting me. Blogging has helped me find me. It’s brought me so many unbelievable opportunities. So this year, for year three, we’re going to make it a good one. I’m going to bring you more of what you all love, along with some new additions!

So here’s to turning to three. Three amazing years, of self love, self belief and self confidence. Taking the step to setting up my site all those years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Here’s to me, to The Mum Style, to my Mum style. Happy birthday to me! Well not to me. To The Mum Style, to my Mum Style. X

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