Skipping through Summer with support from Panache. 

All the gear and no idea? Yep that’s me! That’s usually me anyway. All I’ve done since lock down is wear active wear, but have I been very active? Surprisingly I have done a bit! P.E with Joe Wicks, skipping and having a kick about with the football in the garden, just trying to keep moving mainly for my mind. I find exercise so good for my mental health. I usually love to walk, I’m such a walker and I love the outdoors, I think I’d struggle if I stopped exercising all together. We love our long country walks and as we approach week three of completely staying at home, it’s actually quite hard. I miss the countryside, the woodlands, the beaches that surround us. I miss running. Although I haven’t actually run this year my plan was to start again, but as were in complete shielding I can’t go for a run without risking Parker’s health. So I will keep skipping and keep working out at home! I will run again. Just not yet.

Being a fuller busted babe, during exercise, I need some support, and it needs to be good! I’ve written before that Panache is one of my go to brands for a high quality bras and sports bras. So when they reached out and asked if I’d like to be gifted one of their high impact sports bras for their #mysize campaign I had to say yes! It’s taken a while to write this blog and mainly because I really wanted to try it for running first, but now I’ve accepted I won’t run for a while I’ve put it through its paces in other ways. So what did I think?

Firstly the colour and print, Panache offer so many gorgeous prints on their sports bras, I love how bright and flamboyant they are! They do also do the more neutral colours and prints if this is a bit bright for you, and you want to tone it down. But for me, I love a pop of colour in sportswear, and this print caught my eye straight away! I received mine in a size 36H and the fit is perfect. This particular bra runs from a size 28B to a 40J with most sizes in between still available! The fit is really true to size and really comfortable. I mean it’s all I’ve really worn what I’ve been at home!

So the impact support, how good is it really? I put it through the ultimate test. Jumping! More specifically skipping. I still had a tiny bit of bounce but I don’t think you’d ever get a fuller busted sports bra that wouldn’t give a tiny bit of bounce whilst skipping and after a bit of jogging in the garden it held well. It is wired but I think that adds to the support and whilst working out you don’t even notice it! The racer clip back gives that extra bit of support for high impact exercise, whilst still sitting comfortably. For added comfort it has wide cushioned straps and seam free inner cups.

Panache is a brand that I’ve said before I feel the price really reflects the quality, their bras last years when taken care of, hand wash only and air dry only. They really are such good quality and fit and I find all of their bras very true to size. Panache’s #mysize campaign is really great, they truly believe that the ‘one size fits all’, really isn’t the case. They want everyone to find their true size, to feel comfortable and supported and to be able to buy cup sizes sports bra, which is a rarity in high street sports wear.

I may not be able to go for a run for a few weeks but what I do know is I can keep putting a Panache to the test with my jump rope and with my home workouts, taking care of my mind through exercise, whilst staying safe at home. And whilst being supported! As always I’ve linked the bra below in case you wanted to have a look. Have you tried Panache? What’s your go to home exercise routine whilst your staying home? Let me know in the comments below x 


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