Summer dreaming with Evans Clothing

Summer, it feels like it’s on its way! The sun is starting to make more of an appearance but we’re in a lockdown. And as we’re in lockdown it feels a little sad. No trips to the beach, no long park walks, but just because we’re in doesn’t mean we can’t be home in style does it? And let’s hope that by the time it gets to July or August we’ll be able to go out a little more and enjoy it a little more, as much as is safe to do so anyway! And I’m going to be honest, every season I never splash out. I stick to key pieces and try to mix and match as much as I can with old season. This year I’m definitely trying to be more conscious with how much I spend on fashion and I’ve been trying to be more conscious of how much I receive too.

So when Evans contacted me and asked if me if wanted to receive some new pieces for summer, I thought about what I was missing in my summer wardrobe and I made the decision to get some gorgeous timeless key pieces, that I could wear year after year. I’ve actually got a couple of pieces still that were gifted a couple of years ago that I wear all the time! Just for clarification all items in this blog were gifted, however I chose all of them and styled all of them myself, so they really are what I’d buy myself if I wasn’t so kindly gifted them.

First up what did I pick? A must have for summer attire – sandals, and probably the one item I do like to treat myself new to each summer. And I just could not resist these Flatform Espadrilles. We all need those oh so comfy shoes for summer that are also right on trend. I always try to add a pop of colour when it comes to footwear, mainly because I love them to be versatile. To go with jeans, shorts, a dress a skirt! Not just the one outfit. And I need them to be comfy, which is why a flatform is the perfect option. I love yellow, a real blast of colour that compliments so many other colours beautifully. I received these sandals in a size 7EEE and as someone who has wide feet these were a great fit, no rubbing and plenty of adjustment on the back clasp. They’re available from a size 4EEE to a 10EEE, so a really great size range for if you’ve got wider feet. 

So what outfit did I pair these with? Every single one! Next up on the key piece list is this gorgeous dress, a gorgeous, midi stretch, pleated dress. This dress is such a winner for Spring/ Summer. On trend, but also timeless, who doesn’t love an abstract polka dot? And the Navy colour is just so lovely. I also love a dress with a tie waist, shows off the waist perfectly whilst being airy and flattering showing off your gorgeous silhouette! The material of this dress is lovely, very lightweight and easy to move around in, a great dress for popping the trainers on and running around the park after little one or popping a pair of heels on for date night or girls night, but let’s wait until lockdown is over. For right now it’s perfect for garden attire and looking beaut for the essentials Sainsburys shop! I received this dress in a size 18 and it’s a perfect fit, really comfortable not too tight. This dress is available from a size 14-32 so a great range for us plus size babes. 

Next up, a vest. A vest you say? Never underestimate the power of a pretty vest top. A paisley blue and white is a classic and again a key piece that will go year after year! This one for me when it arrived was a little long, I think I’m a little short in the body with longer legs! So I styled it by cropping it up with a tie knot style. However if you want a little more coverage over the belly area it’s very lightweight and not clingy at all. I actually chose a size 16 for this one and after receiving it I think it does run big, especially as being a fuller busted size 18 woman the fit was lovely in a size 16. This vest runs from a size 14-32 so again a great size range. 

I paired this top with this lovely maxi skirt, this maxi skirt is 100% something that I would’ve never really chosen a few years ago, but since gaining confidence in myself I knew it would look great with this vest. It is that stretch material so it is a bit clingy, but for me I love it. I used to be so worried about visible belly line but now I know it’s just normal I’m embracing it! But if you’d rather have that extra coverage then I’d maybe size up. I received this in a size 18 and like I said it’s a great fit if you’re looking for that figure hugging shape. It’s available from a size 14-26/28 and is such a great piece for the warmer months and for now, so comfortable for lounging around in whilst we’re in! I paired this again with the gorgeous yellow sandals. There’s something about blue and yellow that I just love together! 

The last two items I chose were must haves. I love love love a kimono! They’re a great item to have for colder summer nights or covering up during the day. Again super versatile and timeless. Perfect for over a bikini or paired with jeans and heels, or in this case the sandals again! I couldn’t decide on which print or colour to get which is why I chose two. Two very beautiful kimonos but different. The first one a lovely floral vibrant red kimono, maxi length and a really lightweight chiffon feel. I love the patchwork print, really on trend, and so pretty. The second kimono has a slightly different look although another patchwork print but with a contrast of lovely blue and green colours and a touch of sparkle in the dashed gold stitch. This one has a more cottony feel so better for chillier evenings and nights out! I received both of these kimonos in a size 18/20 and they were both a lovely fit. Plenty of arm room and a both a lovely length. These are both available from a size 14/16 to 30/32 so again a really great range.

So there we have it. 5 key pieces (6 for both kimonos I just couldn’t choose!) that I’ll be mixing and matching and styling up with last seasons summer wear this year. Adding pops of colour and just a few new prints into your wardrobe can really make a difference and add that up to date trend into your summer wardrobe. I used to believe each season you needed a whole updated wardrobe! But with trying to be more sustainable and more environmentally conscious, I think we all need to do our little bit and focusing on key items is definitely something I want to be more conscious of, it may not be a massive help but it’s a small something. I’ve linked all the items below to Evans for each piece if you want to take a browse or give yourself a little pre-summer treat! So tell me in the comments, what’s your go to key piece for summer? X

EXTRA WIDE FIT Yellow Flatform Espadrilles

Navy Blue Spot Print Pleated Dress

Blue Floral Print Vest

Navy Blue Maxi Skirt

Red Floral Print Patchwork Kimono

Blue Multicoloured Patchwork Print Sparkle Kimono

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