Staying comfy whilst staying in.

Just like that we’re in May! April went in a blink compared to March and if I’m honest I don’t know what I’ve been up to apart from simply staying in! Not a lot has changed I guess? We’re still in lockdown, still no idea what day of the week it is. I think it’s the weekend? Saturday perhaps? Anyway we’re still in and I’m still trying to be as comfortable as possible whilst trying to get through this. Constant mugs of tea. Lots of home schooling for little one and plenty of movie evenings. But what am I wearing you may ask? Well. I’m at the height of fashion you know. Really? Okay not quite. Paul’s joggers. Tick. Big cardigans. Tick. Ridiculously comfy bra? Well have I got a new one to show you!

Today on the blog I bring you the Sugar Candy Lux Bralette. The bra that honestly makes you feel like you’re not wearing a bra! No really it’s that good, I accidentally wore mine to bed last night! When Sugar Candy contacted me a few weeks ago with the offer of gifting me a comfy bralette I couldn’t resist, after all it’s all I’m living in right now! I’ve tried Sugar Candy before previously and I loved my bra. It was a different size and style previously and unfortunately it’s not my size anymore as it must have been at least three years ago now. But never fear, now I have a new one! One that I now actually can’t live without. No seriously I’ve worn it three days straight, she needs a wash. You want the details? I’ll give them to you, read on…

So the Lux Bralette, made from the softest fibres and ultra smooth structure. So soft and so lovely against the skin. But how could it support you say? It’s a bralette? I’ve actually found the bralette industry for the fuller busted babe is catching up! There’s so many goodies on the market currently, and although some have a way to go in terms of size range, we’re getting there. So the Lux? It has two inner slings that lift and shape the bust comfortably whilst offering amazing support with its ribbed panels, and surprisingly? No underwire in sight, just amazing structure! It has a wide back and a four clasp fastening, with the added J-hook on the straps that I love for that extra support. It has moisture wicking fabric so there’ll be no boob sweat here! This bralette is available in Navy or Black, as you can see I chose the black and I love the lace detail and velvet feel straps. This bralette is available from a size XL-XXL (28F-40G) so a really good range for the fuller busted. And just incase you’re a little unsure of the sizing I’ve added their sizing table below. I received mine in a size XL as I’m a size 36GG/H.

Along with my bra came a little note, a very handy note. Not only a note of positivity but a note of how to wear! And it was perfect, a good instruction of how to know you’ve got the right fit with no bulging and no spilling and no gaping. As you can see, a lovely fit! And as I’ve mentioned no underwire in sight, and still all the support!

I love a comfy bra, they’re a must have in my undies drawer. Although personally I wouldn’t wear this bralette to work or to a night out it’s the perfect bralette for a night in, or for now! We are staying in after all! And whilst staying in I think we all need to have that comfort, that large brew, comfy cardigans and a comfy bra supporting your bust. And if she the Lux does get a trip out, I’ll make sure it’s up the local shop for essentials! As always I’ve linked this one below. Have you tried Sugar Candy? What’s your ultimate outfit for a comfy night in? Let me know below! X

Sugar Candy Lux Bralette

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