Everything’s Rosy in Flirtelle.

Staying home, staying comfy at home. Wear a bra at home? Debatable…Okay okay so I’m actually a lover of support. I have to wear a bra! It’s only at night it actually really comes off. I have my go to bralettes and comfy non-wired ones but when I still want maximum support with comfort, I have my go to brands. And one of them is Flirtelle from Brastop. 

I’ve tried a few Flirtelle bras and I love the support they give and their general fit. I find that they’re a brand that if they work for you, they’ll all work for you. I’ve tried padded and sheer from Flirtelle and the fit is very similar on each. And they’re a proper bargain! You all know how much I love a bargain! However with Flirtelle price does not compromise the quality or fit.

So today I’m bringing you the Flirtelle Alice set. A set I was yet to try, which has been very kindly gifted to me from the babes at Brastop. As you all may know Brastop is one of my go to destinations for bargain bras from all my favourite brands! So when this set arrived I couldn’t wait to try it! As soon as I opened it I loved it, the pink! I’m such a massive fan of the colour pink, and I think the colour compliments this set beautifully. However if you’re not such a fan of the Rose colour this is also available in a white, purple, rouge and black option. This bra is a winner for everyday, under workwear, on the school run (when they re-open) and comfortable enough for all day. Which is a must have in any bra, you don’t want to be running home to get it off do you?

Firstly I received the bra in a size 36H. Depending on style and brand I can be between a 36G-36H and this was a perfect fit, so if like me you’re between sizes I’d recommend going with the larger cup size to avoid any spillage! And always make sure you scoop and swoop to ensure your bra fits properly! If you’re unsure if your bra fits correctly Brastop have a great bra fitting guide which I will link just underneath here! This bra is available in a size 32F-40K which is such a good size range for the fuller busted babe. 

Brastop Bra Fitting Guide

The style of this set is such a classic, I’m the biggest fan of a sheer cup and the duo cup detail is beautiful, with the double mesh on the below of the cup and the pretty swirl embroidery on the top. So delicate and really beautiful. The bra has a great structure for support with wide non-slip shoulder straps and a wide back with two hooks and three clap fastening. Supportive? Yes! It really is so supportive! Held the girls up lovely and is really comfortable to wear around the house all day, I would say to wear out and about all day but I’ve been in for eight weeks and counting now! And the only outing this bra will be getting is up the local shop for bread and milk and other essentials! Including tea bags! I love a good brew as you can probably tell from my choice of prop! Yes the mug contained tea!

The briefs are a nice short brief kind of style, mid-rise with great coverage and again really comfortable for all day. There’s nothing better than comfy pants is there! I received mine in a size 20 as I’ve said before I always size up for briefs for maximum comfort and these were a perfect fit. Again I love the matching swirl and mesh detail, and as briefs they have more coverage. 

This set a real day to day winner that is just so pretty with its swirl embroidery detail and sheer material. This set is also an absolute bargain right now in the Rose colour! With the bra currently on sale from £32 to £17 and the briefs from £16 to just £9! So you can get the set for under £30! (Prices correct on 12/05/2020) so if you’re looking to treat yourself but don’t want to break the bank this could be the set for you. As always I’ve linked the set below if you fancied a browse. So what’s your lockdown go to? To bra or not to bra? X

Flirtelle Alice Bra in Rose

Flirtelle Alice Briefs in Rose

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