Sipful Summer Nights.

In the summer time when the weather is fine…and let’s be honest it’s been wonderful the last few weeks! There’s nothing I love more than a glass of bubbles at the weekend, or a cheeky cocktail at a BBQ. But let’s be honest things are a little different now aren’t they? Although we’re out of lockdown we all still have to be careful, still sanitise and be sensible. So the big family BBQ’s may not be happening yet but we can still have the small get togethers! And if you’re like me and are still a little extra cautious of everything then you may also be wanting to bring your own glass. But what if I told you there was a way to enjoy pre-made delicious bubbles and cocktails straight from a can? Right? No bringing glasses, no having to mix or shake? Well today I bring you Sipful Drinks! 

When they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some of their range I couldn’t wait to say yes! I do love my bubbles after all! So want to know a little more about Sipful? Founded by Emily and Darius, up in the Yorkshire Dales, they are a wonderful small business with key values at heart, using only organic wine to create their drinks and having a unique style of packaging in recyclable cans. We all love pre-mixed gin in a tin so why wouldn’t I love bubbles in a can? And right now it’s been so handy, when I’ve been in someone’s garden for socially distanced BBQ there’s been no fuss with mixing or worrying about glasses, just pick up your can and all the deliciousness right there! 

But what about them you say, are they really that good? Well I’m going to tell you what I thought! First up the Organic Bubbles, I love bubbles! Prosecco, champagne you name it! Sourced from the plains of La Mancha in the heart of Spain this is a real winner for any celebration, or a Saturday night! Very crisp and refreshing and not too sweet at all. And in a 250ml can it’s the perfect equivalent to a large glass of wine! It’s honestly so much better than most of bottles I’ve ever drunk.

Next up the Mimosa’s two different types but equally as delightful! I’m a massive fan of girls weekend with a cheeky mimosa at brunch, so who’s to say the girls can’t come round for garden brunch and a can of mimosa! My favourite of the two was the Blood Orange Mimosa I loved the sharpness of this one! And served ice cold from the fridge it was perfect! The Real Orange Mimosa was just as refreshing made with 100% Real Orange juice mixed with the organic bubbles it’s a match made in heaven! The perfect beverage for a morning of brunching at home or an evening drink in the garden!

And last but by all means certainly not least as it’s definitely my favourite is the Bellini. Oh my goodness this was so so delicious! Really fruity and made with 100% real peach juice it was so gorgeous, a little sweeter than the other cocktails but it just felt like summer in a can! So so delicious and definitely one I will be treating myself to again! 

All of the cocktails were so delicious and they arrived so beautifully packaged. Sipful drinks will definitely be on my go to list for small get togethers and a weekend treat! They’d also make a lovely gift, something unique and a little bit special! These drinks will also definitely be ideal for when festival life does come back some day! But for now they are perfect for the garden! So what do you think? Are you tempted by bubbles in a can? I’ve linked their site below if you’d like to take a look! Will you be having #Sipfulmoments this summer?

For full transparency Blog contains PR Samples and an Affiliate Link although all opinions expressed are my own.

Sipful Drinks

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